Friday, June 30, 2006


To all my students...
Congratulations for a year of work and learning, funny-learning sometimes, too.
I hope you enjoy your holidays... See you next year again, however, I wish you to go on talking to me in our blog.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

A new Blog

The new blog is very special.
It is made by a young boy. He is nine.
It came up as a natural curiosity to try out the new technologies, and let me say because he is an intelligent boy.
The new blog's name is O Grilo.
Visit it ! You'll enjoy yourself.

Tek Party

Tek Party , an initiative of the Local Council and the Professional School in Felgueiras, was held in the city market for three days.
It ended yesterday.
Sereval institutions have participated, some events and workshops were organized.
However, I believe that the greater impact of Tek Party was felt among the younger population of Felgueiras, they had the opportunity to use the computers, browse in the Internet for free.
Congratulations to all...See you again next year!

The young and the Internet

Many parents and teachers are worried with children and teenagers' access to the Internet and some don't know what to do.
The impact of the new technologies in our daily lives is such that it is hard to measure.
To the young ones, the computer became an ordinary object, such as the TV or the radio is for the older generations. They use it with great ease and are willing to go on exploring its possibilities.
Even when they don't have Internet access at home, they can get there at school, or at their friends' homes. They use the net to do homework, to send mails, to listen to their favourite songs, to play or chat.
Scientists have no doubts to show that the Internet is important to develop knowledge and intellectual skills, however, it may contribute to some social isolation.
Nevertheless, even a shy kid can take advantage from his/her on-line contacts as they usually end up to be transformed into real friends in the real world.
Parents must be aware that the Internet is an open window to society and it may expose children to some inaproppriate or dangerous information.
So, the rule is not to forbid but to be available and vigilant.
The Internet has to be seen as an instrument for the future, something that is always ready to transport us in a new and challenging adventure throughout the variety of cultures and societies.
The Internet has brought people closer.

Sunday, June 18, 2006


Tomorrow is an important date.
No!... There's nothing special to celebrate.
Just that, tomorrow, our students are going to start their national exams.
It's a period of enormous stress, concentration and worst of all, the need to revise what they have learnt and studied throughout the school year.
For most of them, anxiety is going to dominate their lives. Their future career is going to be decided by their exam results.
As a teacher, I know that they're not the only ones feeling nervous. Teachers are nervous too. They wish their students to be the best and to show parents and society that students' success is also the result of teachers' commitment to teaching.
We are all in expectation.
To students, I must wish "good luck!"...

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A Dream Came True...

( here I pink)
When I was a young child, I already liked English very much. I have always loved the subject, the accent and the language.
Well... I had a dream: to go to England.
Fortunately, I made this dream come true, or better, my parents made it for me...
The beginning of this dream started when some adeventurous teachers decided to organize a trip to London. I was thrilled and I couldn't think of anything else!!
Two months went by. But, I still feel the smell of " plastic food" and I hear the noise that I could notice in that wonderful country as well. I still see that agitation on the streets, a lot of people from several countries with cool, crazy and coloured looks walked in those beautiful gardens and large squares. A thing that I perceived was the austerity that the English impose to others. They are nature lovers. There, plants are untouchable. This is an example to follow. Their gardens look like a " green sea" without an end at sight.
Today I dive into my memories, it seems they don't have a bottom. I remember those days as if it were yesterday... We lived moments that marked us a lot. I wonder why, and I can't find an explanation. Maybe ,because we were happy together...
When we arrived at Heathrow Airport I felt a mixture of emotions.
Finally, I was nearly to make my dream real.Someyimes,I thought that I would wake up, at any time.It was a great time to forget many things and recall others.
That trip is remembered by all of us and sometimes we talk about some unforgetable moments. It was so special... I had the opportunity to speak English with many people. For me, it was very important. How should I classify this?
Maybe...." Funny learning!!"
We had to live together with English people and we had to accept their culture and odd habits. It was so funny! It was a challenge. I think that I have never laughed so much.
Students as well as teachers visited a lot of beautiful places. We bought many souvenirs. Many photos were taken... But nothing can show how exciting it was.
Everyhting was right... it hardly seems credible that even the weather was so good. The sun was shining above our heads and a fresh breeze refreshed our spirits. All was successful!
This experience was fantastic, it was a dream and a reality... Now, it's just a sweet memory that I'll keep forever in my heart.
I want to thank to the people that gave a little of their lives to offer me a lot of fun and happiness. In fact, all of you are the main reason for those magic moments I had the luck to live!
Everything was a dream. When I 'll return what will it be like? Will it be real?...
Patrícia Monte Lira Rodrigues da Costa
10º D , nº 26

Monday, June 12, 2006


We're counting down the last days of school .
Typically, Summer invites to a lapse in household rules.
For some that means staying up late, sleeping all morning and spending the rest of the day playing video games, watching TV or surfing in the internet.
That's a recipe for brain drain...
While most parents would like to encourage their kids to just go out and do something, it's more helpful to have a list of suggestions handy.
First of all, our favourite couch potatoes must need to earn TV and computer time with outdoor activities.
With no need to get up early, and sunset falling ever later in the evening, it's tempting to alter routines. But it's still important to keep some of them.
Restful children will have more energy and better moods. And that all adds to happy families.
Don't dread Summer vacation.
Before you know it, kids and teenagers will be back in school and tell what great Summer they had.
Happy Summer Holidays...

Friday, June 09, 2006

Fair Play

Play Fair!...

Fifa World Cup

Just to wish the Portuguese football team to score to win;
To score for victory;
To score for a whole nation;
To score for Portugal.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Responsibility and Freedom

You don't trust me...
But they're my friends...
Everyone else is doing it...
Teens need their independence, but how do you make sure they are safe?
Although every adolescent is different, there are many experiences common to the teenage years.
The most common may be the pull and push between dependence and independence.
Teens, at younger and younger ages, are putting themselves at risk for sexually transmitted diseases - including AIDS - and for pregnancy.
And some teens, and even younger children, smoke tobacco, drink alcohol, use other drugs, or commit acts of violence and other crimes.
No wonder so many parents are concerned, even frightened;
No wonder so many try to control the behaviour of their teenage children.
It is important for parents to make rules for younger children.
As children get older, however, they need to learn to make some of their own decisions and life choices.
Teens need the chance to practise good decision-making skills, and to manage new life experiences.
They need to agree to behave in responsible ways and to show that they can handle the freedom.
That's where respect, responsiblity and reliability come in.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Children II

Here goes another poem.
(I must apologise for the Portuguese but the meaning of the words would be lost in a translation)
A criança é um mundo
Que ninguém a roube,
A negoceie,
A explore
Sob qualquer pretexto.
Que ninguém se aproveite
Do trabalho da criança
Para seu proveito.
São livres e frágeis as suas mãos,
Se as não magoarmos
Elas poderão continuar
E ser a força do Mundo
Mesmo que frágeis continuem...
Matilde Rosa Araújo


This is part of a poem dedicated to children
E a criança nasceu
E vai desabrochar como
Uma flor,
Ima árvore,
Um pássaro,
Uma flor,
Uma árvore,
Um pássaro
Precisam de amor - a seiva da terra, a luz do sol.
De quanto amor a criança não precisará?
Matilde Rosa Araújo

Children's Rights

Because children must be loved every day;
Because children must be protected from abuse, famine and war;
Because they have the right to an education;
Because they have the right to be happy;
Because they are the future;
We must celebrate children's day;
Every day!...