Sunday, June 25, 2006

The young and the Internet

Many parents and teachers are worried with children and teenagers' access to the Internet and some don't know what to do.
The impact of the new technologies in our daily lives is such that it is hard to measure.
To the young ones, the computer became an ordinary object, such as the TV or the radio is for the older generations. They use it with great ease and are willing to go on exploring its possibilities.
Even when they don't have Internet access at home, they can get there at school, or at their friends' homes. They use the net to do homework, to send mails, to listen to their favourite songs, to play or chat.
Scientists have no doubts to show that the Internet is important to develop knowledge and intellectual skills, however, it may contribute to some social isolation.
Nevertheless, even a shy kid can take advantage from his/her on-line contacts as they usually end up to be transformed into real friends in the real world.
Parents must be aware that the Internet is an open window to society and it may expose children to some inaproppriate or dangerous information.
So, the rule is not to forbid but to be available and vigilant.
The Internet has to be seen as an instrument for the future, something that is always ready to transport us in a new and challenging adventure throughout the variety of cultures and societies.
The Internet has brought people closer.


Anonymous Carla 10.ºD said...

Nowadays, the world has been invaded by technology. The access to the Internet increase.
I think that the Internet is a good technology, when it is use to research, to study… In this case, the Internet can develop the capacities and contribute to increase the knowledge.
Therefore, the use of Internet can bring advantages, but is necessary a correct use.

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