Sunday, June 18, 2006


Tomorrow is an important date.
No!... There's nothing special to celebrate.
Just that, tomorrow, our students are going to start their national exams.
It's a period of enormous stress, concentration and worst of all, the need to revise what they have learnt and studied throughout the school year.
For most of them, anxiety is going to dominate their lives. Their future career is going to be decided by their exam results.
As a teacher, I know that they're not the only ones feeling nervous. Teachers are nervous too. They wish their students to be the best and to show parents and society that students' success is also the result of teachers' commitment to teaching.
We are all in expectation.
To students, I must wish "good luck!"...


Anonymous Ana Isabel 10ºD said...

This word is terrible for some people! In this moment there are a lot of people that are very tired with studies because these exams are decisive for some student future.
Good luck for all students that are make these exams.

8:57 pm  

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