Saturday, June 03, 2006

Children's Rights

Because children must be loved every day;
Because children must be protected from abuse, famine and war;
Because they have the right to an education;
Because they have the right to be happy;
Because they are the future;
We must celebrate children's day;
Every day!...


Anonymous sergio oliveira 10ºA said...

A child a cause, a cause a help. In the phase in that we are children is where she will develop very important aspects in the being person. It is in the right to the education, to a worthy life that the child grows and form her personality. These rights would owe of being universal for everyone, but I have feather that in certain countries that doesn't happen. The child should be caressed, protected, lover, because, they are the future and a very precious of the humanity. It would owe of more international solidarity to exist, to combat these sins so difficult of forgiving, for that I agree and support fully with the sentence “We must celebrate children's day”.

11:21 am  
Anonymous Cátia Monteiro 10ºD said...

Well, I agree with this poem, because children’s day aren’t just a day, are every days. I think that children’s are prized and are everyone. I believe that every days, children’s dies, starve to death, in war… and when a children die, I think that a little of our future die.

10:43 am  
Anonymous Ana Isabel 10ºD said...

This is a very beautiful poem, because tell about children that are all in this world! without childreen would be a sad and dark world, because are they that cheer the world!

11:51 am  

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