Sunday, May 21, 2006

Going To The Theatre

In my opinion, Clever Pants were fantastic.
I liked their performance. I think that they acted quite well.
They roleplayed amusing characters and they have shown us, as the main theme of their play "A day in teenager's life".
Dani,is a teenager with a problematic family. Her father is very strict and wants her to be like her brother. He doesn't allow her to have a normal life and is constantly controlling her life as well as school homework and friends.
She has a dream to have a rock band and be famous. The other member of the band is Alan, a very shy boy, that secretly loves Dani. He tries to tell her his secret feelings, however, he doesn't get the courage.
Then, there is Mr. Sexy, a man that feels very successful with girls and tries to catch Dani's attention. What he doesn't know is that Dani's heart belongs to Alan.
After sOme episodes that make the play funny, the young couple finally decide to tell each other that they are in love.
So, they stay together.
I loved the play. I think the actors were great, fantastic. What else can I say?....
Cláudia Lopes 10ºE nº7


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Great work! you should go on wrting that's how you improve your English.

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