Monday, May 15, 2006

Endangered Man

The past few decades have seen men become soft, sensitive, and-dare I say?-pretty.
It started in the 1960's with butterfly collars and disco music, when men stopped hitting each other.Since then, macho man has been replaced by metrosexual man, barbers have been replaced by hair stylists, and John Wayne has been replaced by Johnny Depp.
What is a man?
Until recently men were expected to be the sturdier and stronger sex, the ones who squared themselves against the hard realities of life and worked to succeed.
This sort of man has been replaced by a softer, more delicate creature: metrosexual man.
What do you think of men and manhood?
What qualities are important in a man?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The man must feel itself well with its body... but also without exaggerating.

Rui Monteiro

9:17 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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5:14 am  
Anonymous Ismael said...

Actualy there exist mans like the description. I think that all of us mans know how to treat a lady or how to be a gentleman. This "war" between womans and mans never ends.
Womans think that this type of mans are over.. but if mans have a reason to be like that they change their way to be..

1:27 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

a man for me has of being simpatico and to be a person five stars with the other people and to feel itself well in the way of the community...

3:22 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The world is changing everyday… It is like a confused and a dynamic sphere that sometimes we can’t understand… In fact, people had been influenced by their strange and hard lives.
For a long time, that I know that there are a lot of conflicts and disagreements between men and women, in our society.
As times goes on, we can see many attitudes that men replaced. The world is becoming a little bit different. At this moment, men don’t seem to have that superiority and authority that they liked to show to everyone before, specially to women.
More and more, men become interested to have a good appearance and they start to forget those stupid rivalries. I know that there are a lot of relationships outside the marriage, and this is a very troublesome situation. But, it is also, a way to show to world that women aren’t the “weak sex”, as men say before…
Bit by bit, male world had been forgotten. Women already know how they deal with this. It’s a waste of time!
Fortunately, there are gentlemen who they treat his ladies very well. But, rarely this situation happens. So, this type of man is endangered!
In my opinion, we shouldn’t judge people for them physical appearance, we should be able to see their “inner beauty”. For me, the trust, the fidelity, the loyalty, the honesty and sincerity are the most important qualities in a man that becomes endangered. It’s necessary to protect them!!!

Patrícia Nº26

1:03 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my opinion, men think that they are superior to women. Sometimes, in adolescence, there are rivalry between girls and boys because this.
“This sort of man has been replaced by a softer, more delicate creature: metrosexual man.” I think that now it is time to men lose their aggressive and insensible mentality. Metrosexual men are discriminated by traditional men, only because they are different. Metrosexual are men too!!
I think that for men are difficult accept the differences, but they need learn to accept the others like they are.
In my opinion, it is important that the man is intelligent, comprehensive and confident, but not convinced.

8:59 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my opinion, men think that they are superior to women. Sometimes, in adolescence, there are rivalry between girls and boys because this.
“This sort of man has been replaced by a softer, more delicate creature: metrosexual man.” I think that now it is time to men lose their aggressive and insensible mentality. Metrosexual men are discriminated by traditional men, only because they are different. Metrosexual are men too!!
I think that for men are difficult accept the differences, but they need learn to accept the others like they are.
In my opinion, it is important that the man is intelligent, comprehensive and confident, but not convinced.

Celina Sampaio Nº11 10º D

9:00 am  
Anonymous Andreia marques Nº8 10º d said...

In my opinion the man manhood are more immature than the woman, but the woman can’t live without them, as well as the man can’t live without them. The manhood it’s one face in that have to begin think our live and its one face morcel difficult, so many woman as for the man.
Qualities are important in a man are: the affection, the kindness, the
simplicity and the courage.

9:02 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that men don’t leave to be more men that any other just through simple fact of be metrosexual. Men can like of to have your hair styled or to treat the skin: of put with good-looking. I believe that nowadays the mentality of people are very retrograde in relation to this matter, because still exist people that think than metrosexual are gays. However, I think that men must be like he is, independently of to be metrosexual or not, because isn’t by there that whether see the men manhood. For me a men should be loving, understanding, friendly, hard-working and honest, these are the qualities that I think that men need for to be perfect.

Cátia Monteiro nº10 10ºD

9:02 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my opinion the men isn’t in danger: the metrosexual man isn’t the problem.
I think that physique look isn’t the more important, but I accept the metrosexual man and their attitudes. Both men and women have right to fell well and happy with this body.
The metrosexual man isn’t a threat for society and this situation mustn’t be a factor of access of the work.
For me, the important qualities in man are: his way of be, his way of act, the loyalty, the respect and the values demonstrate – affection, friendship…
I think that the people must respect the attitudes of other people and that sometimes is necessary the change of people’s mentality. It represents a big step towards winning the fight for equal the opportunities between men and women and for accept the different attitudes or people.

Carla Coelho Nº9 10ºD

9:03 am  
Anonymous Lucilia Ribeiro 10ºD said...

I think that the actual man still is very male but more and more man take car your image and your sentiments, sensibility. The actual man is very sensible , sensual, nice more feminine and more anxious about your image and womans. The actual man is more friend for woman. The actual man is the best.
For me the perfect man is tall darkbrumette, brown hair and green eyes. Is a man nice, sensual, sensible, comphensive, loving and of course, that like me.
I think the portuguese man is a perfect man.

9:04 am  
Anonymous Andreia Azevedo 10ºD said...

I think a man has several qualities, the problem is that your majority is hidden behind that habit that they have that are better than the women and that are you always slay them in the middle of any history. But there in the bottom they have qualities . For me, the more important are the friendship to the other ones and your readiness to help the other ones.

9:09 am  
Anonymous Eugénia Costa 10ºD said...

I think that the man's fact more and more to become softer, sensitive and beautiful is a very good thing. It is that of the women seeks: a man that loves them, that they make to feel them beautiful, that they help them, that they encourage them for the road of the hapiness. What really matters in a man is the love existence and affection.

9:14 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with this. In my opinion, man has been replayced very different that before.
Nowadays, I think that there are two tips of men:"the macho men" and "softer, delicate and nice men".
"Macho men" are men that think such as a "leader", "I can, so I do", and in my poinion this type of men still exist, but, little by little, has been replayced by men that help their wifes in housework, and take care of their childrens. Men that changed with the time, so they go to hair stylist, they do cosmetic surgery and other things, because, everything's change.
In my point of view, women are beings very sensibles, that like be treat with delecacy and affection and so men should be like them.

Genoveva Carvalho nº15 10ºD

9:16 am  
Anonymous Ricardo nº27 10º D said...

I think, the men and manhood are evoluted so much. Now, the men respect the women's. Now, don't exist the "stronger sex", all the women´s and men's have the same rules. The men must respect the women, and understand the women. That is my opinion about the women

9:18 am  
Anonymous Ricardo nº27 10º D said...

I think, the men and manhood are evoluted so much. Now, the men respect the women's. Now, don't exist the "stronger sex", all the women´s and men's have the same rules. The men must respect the women, and understand the women. That is my opinion about the men.

9:19 am  
Anonymous João Daniel 10ºD said...

I think that, nowadays, mans respect womans. But still exists some excceptions. However, sometimes womans exaggerate in some aspects and that, sometimes, create conflits in mariages.
I think that the man of our days worry with their appearance and pratique all type of sports.

9:36 am  
Anonymous Álvaro Alves 10ªD Nº1 said...

In my opinian, the men,in last yeaes, started the carr more your apparence,because, in the past, the man is much primitivs.Actuality the man have one apparence much better, carring himself and your body.
The qualities that one man must have are: be good friend,not must treat for things of woman and mainly, carr have one apparence that he like and mainly that the woman lik.

9:42 am  
Anonymous Nélson nº25 10ºD said...

In my opinion i think that man respect womans. Althought, womans don´t respect mans causing sometimes somes conflits and disagreements between man and woman. Now, mans have the same rights that womans. So, if womans and mans had everything for that between them it won´t exist conflits, had to understood.

10:02 am  
Anonymous scabi said...

i think that the text is relating a thing that is getting more usual in our society.. but the men are diferent...not like the discrition in the text...

10:03 am  
Anonymous Joaquim nº 20 10º D said...

hello,I think the teacher is right,men are becoming very metrosexual now.They are not what they used to be,but there are still a few real macho-man.

10:06 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man continues think that is the stronger sex but already was. He only is a person in this big world and exist more women that men. To say how must be a man, abreviating, HE MUST BE PERFECT!...

Alexandrina Sousa nº1 10ºB

2:43 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the man had always more vantages than women in manhood and the qualities that i thik to be important in a man are the sympathy and comprehension.

Daniela Cunha Nº12

2:48 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that nowaday men have to be modern. So they must help their wives around the house: wash the dishes, take care of children, cook...

To me, the most important qualities in a man are: sympathy, sense of humour and he mustn't be cranky and be very attentious towards other people...

RUI "Cascalho" nº 24 10ºB

3:17 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that man are very couriosities, because they like discover how are the women! some men are sweet and comprehensive, but some of them don't are gentleman!

Priscila Mesquita 10ºB

3:23 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that the men changed a lot, so exist some men that are as the descript in the text.
Men don't are the stronger sex, because sometimes the women are so or more stronger that men.Men have to be nice with the women, sweety and specials, a really gentleman!!!

Alexandra Sampaio 10ºb

3:32 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For me the men have to take care of your image but without exaggerating, have to be minimaly interesting, simpatique and a funny person.

Rute Almeida 10ºB

3:41 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

to me the most important qualities in a man are the sense of humour, good sense and the attentious with other people.

i think that mowday men have to be like the womens in the "house life". the men have to help the woman in the house taskes.

helder fernandes Nº15 10ºB

3:44 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my opinion a man should be nice and should have a good sense of humour and nowadays more men care about their appearance and about their body and even help more women`s in the house taskes.

Aloísio Freitas nº2 10ºB

4:11 pm  
Anonymous Francisco, 10ºA said...

What do you think of men and manhood?
What qualities are important in a man?

In my opinion, man has changed in the last decades. In fact I think those transformations in his way of thinking and physical aspect are just adaptations to the changes in the society. Man and woman have to work, they face the same problems and social life has no longer great differences for both. So I think man is becoming softer and more carefully about his look because society demands it and the difference between a man and a woman isn't important any longer. However, manhood, in my opinion, is changing accordingly, since individuals are getting more and more selfish, which is a bad influence for the future.

A man must be: good looking, honest, worker (like me!!!), nice for women, wise, educated, funny, in other words, a gentleman.

Francisco, 10ºA.

5:01 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that we live in a country where mens had responsability for have a family and take care about their rights and obligations.
the men is one person fundamental in a middle of the family and represent of a husband, a father or a grandfather, so he is symbol more over that he contribute for the surviver of the mankind about the manhood I think that men should have a women get married and have childreens.
the important qualities that men should have is responsability,friendly, determination, take care of there friends.

André Cunha n.º6 10ºB

6:49 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the men must take care of themselves without exaggerate, and to accept its image is it which will be. a man if does not have to find superior to the women, quite to the contrary must understandable, likeable and be funny

Cátia Ferreira
Nº10 10ºB

7:11 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For me a metrosexual man is a man who deals with itself but with some exaggerates! The most importants qualities in men, are his responsibility, his education, he has be funny and that he always helps the woman, when she needs.

Sara Alves
Nº26 10ºB

8:39 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

in my opinion, i think that the metrosexual man are someone who needs atention, nor all! I think this because when a man treating the body so exaggerating, he only can want or attention or he likes really really his body! For me the most important qualities in a man, are their education, their felt of mood, they must be dedicated, determinative, they must be mature, conscientious and must have a very strong personality.

Joana Sousa
Nº16 10ºB

8:49 pm  
Anonymous Sara 10º E said...

I think nowadays man is more careful with his appearence.The man worry to follow the fashion, and feels pretty.I disagree with the idea that the man isn´t macho because of this.In my opinion the man has become vain with is style,and his body,but in danger of extinction, just are scruffy man.I value a sensitive,understanding person and in the same time a stronger man, with is personality and muscles.

9:08 pm  
Anonymous Ana Isabel 10ºD said...

I think that men suffer great changes when they arrive to manhood. Physically, if he feels better being a metrosexual, I think he should do it, because men, like women have the right to take care of themselves and their bodies so, in my opinion a person’s well-being should be on top of everything else. Psicologically it’s where men suffer the greater changes, because they to leave their adolescence that was lived without great worries or responsibilities behind to start adulthood a time with new worries and bigger responsibilities. Most times at this time, that they start to build a family and many other things that demand great maturity. Although, I think (with sorrow) that some men never become real adults.
I think that a an should be gentile, considerate, affectionate, with a certain sensitivity, educate, understanding and above all hard-working.

9:51 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that the men have a role very important in a manhood because they coordinate everything and they are gentlemen of everything. But the metrosexual men have been seen by manhood with indifference and contempt because only themselves worry with their appearance. It's wrong the manhood react like this because all people have a right of are accept in the manhood same being differents and it's wrong too these men overdo with their appearance because there are metrosexual guys that overdo with their appearance, for example, José Castelo Branco. For me, the manhood are all the people that around us and globaly all the world. Men are the chiefs of family and who comfort us and protect us at we women. I think that the qualities that are important in a man are the sympathy, the loyalty, the fidelity with your wife, the understanding, the affection, to be a good person and for last not the worst but the most important of all what matter in a man is the inside of the person and not the outward.

Ana Leite 10ºB-Nº3

4:29 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that the man is very special for women.
There are very snob men; they think that they are the best in the school, and in the society. They think that women are stupid and ignorant, but there are a good, darling and amazing men, these men are uncommon.
I think that nowadays men aren’t so important than women, because women are becoming more independent and autonomous…
The greater part of men don’t understand that they need women for their well-being.
For me the important qualities in the men are the sincerity, the friendship, the respect and of course the beauty.
Today weak-sex are men…

Márcia Nº22 10ºD

6:17 pm  
Anonymous Flávia Cunha nº14 10ºB said...

I think that, nowadays, men seem to worry more about their figure as well as the way they face life itself and these are attitudes that I personaly like.
More and more, men have put their sexist ideas a side and opened their eyes to issues that were, in the past, only women's, and started to get related to those issues too.

In my opinion, a men has to be sensitive and delicate but strong ate the same time. Has to have a great sense of humor, be smart, and have the hability of taking care of himself as well as people around him. He sure has to be handsome and sexy :) but that is not the most important thing at all. A man has to be generous, sweet, humble, creative, respectfull, nice, and, most of all, has to make us feel special then anyone else! ;)

8:20 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that the man and essential in the life of the population, without him the human race was impossible to survive, because it could not have the reproduction of humans. For me the man in spite of having some defects has a lot of qualities and virtues as the courage, the love that is capable to provide, the fidelity and the loyalty to her family. The man is very important in her family, because he has that to defend in all of the occasions; he has to be a good head of the family and in many families do have of sustaining. The man's intelligence was fundamental with passing of the centuries, they were done vary important discoveries through the man and it will be that intelligence that will do with that one day we get a life still better.

Carlos Miguel nº9 10ºB

12:11 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my opinion I think that a man above all should be honest and responsible, because it inspires trust and respect. Besides it should always accomplish his word.
On the man I think that should be entitled to a good education because it can only possess like this a good quality of life in the future, because it is very sad a man to live without dignity and without being respected.
On the man it is also of pointing out some cases that men try to be superior than others and to enslave other, what is wrong. None man is superior to anybody, no matter if it's from the same, or another sex, we owed because to be treated in a same way.

Bruno 10b

12:12 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The qualities that I appreciate more in the man I am: the eyes, the teeth, the mouth, the tail, the trunk and as it is dressed and treated itself

Joana Martins n.º 17

9:29 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The qualities that I appreciate more in the man I am: the eyes, the teeth, the mouth, the tail, the trunk and as it is dressed and treated itself

Joana Martins n.º 17

9:29 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find that the men must deal with its body, therefore are not alone the women who must also improve its image but the men… A Man does not leave of being Man if to like to deal with its appearance…

9:37 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can i say? In my opinion some man are as a woman.They like to keep fit,to be a model,and to have a good body.other man are so different,they just want to dedicated of your works,sometimes they pass by a difficult moments when they smoke, they want drugs and other things.But all the man are different.

Cláudia 10ºE nº7

9:59 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what is a men????? what is a women?????? for me
, I think men and women are just the same thing with one only difference that everyone of us know what is... although everyone know that there are no relevant differences between them people are always thinking that a women can't do all the work that men can. for most of the mens, a women is a fragil person that is not capable of do efforts and that only exist to be in there side giving moral help and take care of childen. everiday, women are abused and are victims of this kind of descrimination... but this is not the only kind of descrimination that exist... as the time goes on, mem and manhood are "developing" new types of descrimination, accepting only people that think and act like them... "old" people don't realise that we are all equals and the one that put life in heart, certailly wanted that all of us had a good relation without conflits... I think that me I my generation shoul try to get into this point and make a new tipe of vision about this question, and one of the points that must be fought... real man should make people see that womem capable of do time goes on, women are making history and they are fighting for iquality between men and women... this difference still exist but there will be a day when mem will try to be trated like women were in the past... but women are very kind and would stop the torture when they think it was most convinient...
in my opinion men must be strong and capable of get them goals, they must be capable of understand women, they have to be real gentlemens, be trustfull, with sincerity, and not being juged by what they seem to be because they are in extingwishing ways and we need to protect them because some day they will desappear...a true tragedy actualy :)

marina 10º. D

10:42 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my opinion men are more worry about their image. Actualy i see men on gim just to have "a perfect body", men doing plastic surgery and more things. Maybe twenty years ago man thought those things are just to women, but they were wrong.

I think man must be funny, he must pratices some sports, be a gentleman, doesn't have problems to make friends and he must be a good person...

Pedro Pereira 10ºB Nº:20
The freak

10:57 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that a man is what their education show because is when he is young that his notion of man and manhood acquire their meaning.
In a man I think that are some qualities have a happy life charm, education, intelligence, health and another characteristic, but I think that are the most important...

Cesar 10B

11:13 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Men are a strange being... There are 2 kind of men: macho man and sensitive man.
Macho men look be really confident, and try to understand women. They try to have sculpture bodies, and mostly of the times they forget that they should working on improve their mind, reading, for example, but "read is to sillies, I'm a macho man, I don't read, never"... They run away from books like devil from the cross!
On the other side, there are sensitive and interesting men. Men, who can reed, talk about interesting things, and not just about football and women. Men who do a plastic surgery, or go to manicure. Men with formed opinions about everything, including fashion, and against to macho man think, they don’t have to be homosexual, they just think different from them…
So, I think that macho man just have to change a little bit (start reading is a beginning) and haven’t afraid of what the others will think about it, because we (Portugal) still being a conservative society.

Narcisa Guimarães 10ºD

8:47 am  
Anonymous Rita Marinho said...

In my opinion, man have to be the "strong person" and not the delicated being that he had becoming!
In the past, men were the "feared sex" and they didn't care a lot about his bodies and appearence.They just laughed with women because thay spent much time looking at the mirror, and putting a lot of creams in their bodies.
But now, this "identity papers" have changing...We have women who continue to take care of themselves, and from the otherside we have a new group...Something like "prototypes men" that in many cases they are homosexuals and they wearing,walking,talkink, thinking and feeling like women!!!
Althoug all tese facts,i don't have any kind of preconceptions and i think that the most importante is people assume what they are and what they want to be...Just feeling good with themselves!!!

10:01 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that, nowadays, the men are a species of evolution, worried with your appearance and every more time exist the men of work your body, have the necessity of feeling good with the own body. the manhood are to suffer one big change, and for a better because there are people that are to take care off more them and to have one health very better.
the qualities more important in a man are sincerity, friendship, affection, inteligence, this in a psychological appearance....and someone with i can be trust...
In a physical appearance, the man have beautyful, tall, brown eyes, slim,...horever......
the personality is more mportant that the physic aspect.

Bárbara Sousa,nº7, 10ºB

2:13 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Along the story,the man have developed them ideals and them personality......Nowadays the concept of the beuty is very explored for man...he take care with your body and try to understand and worried the ideas of the woman....this is a very good aspect....the woman want to be helped and understanding because she was ignored and violented for the man along the times.....Every more times the man are respected and this momente he is the sex simbol the our society.....for me the qualities more important in a man are honestity,love, respectfull, friendship, affection and inteligence.... i don´t give value in physic aspect,there are things the more importance into the man........

Ana Mota, nº4, 10ºB

2:44 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that each people have themself qualities,attitudes and your away of to be, and should be respect by others.
In my opinion, all man should worry with your body,because is a essencial element for your apresentation,is very important!
One of man qualities is to be gentleman!

Nuno Teixeira 10ºE nº21

3:49 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think that man have in endangered, but in development. I don't say this just because I'm a boy. It's true that men are in smaller number, but don't is therefore that the women have the right of think that the world is their. This fact of in the world exist more women than men duty the wars in that women didn't participe in this manner the bigger number of deads went men. Other argument is that the work of man it's more exert than work of the woman. But like man is higher specie goes pass this. I ever hear that quality have in samller quantily.

Rolando Silva 10ºE nº24

4:01 pm  
Anonymous Ana Magarida said...

In my opinion, the cause of men has changed during last decades was when women guaranteed their independence, by the right to have the profession they wanted.
By this, women conquered the power to choose the man they desired.
This way, men felt the need to please women. As women are more sensitive and more image concerned, men had also changed in this way and metrosexual man appeared. In my way of thinking men should take care of himself, but not exaggerating.
Nowadays society I think that women have more power than they had before, and there are some men that feel afraid of this. Everyday more men lose their absolute power and of course, the world is getting better.
In conclusion, I think that the most important qualities in a man are capability of sociability, sensibility, honesty, good humor, and off course, well constituted!!!

Ana Margarida 10º E

6:39 pm  
Anonymous Nuno Silva said...

Twenty years ago, male fashion, skin care and vanity in general were identified with gay men. Now sexuality, it seems, is irrelevant. In fact a new word was found for the softer man: the "metrosexual". They go to hairdressers rather than barbers; avoid using soap because it's too harsh on their skin; visit the gym instead of playing sport and even have difficulty deciding what to wear. But, in my opinion, manhood is not being threatned. Straight men are changing because women demand their partners take greater effort with their appearance so they are simply trying to please women. The war between men and woman will continue but from now on, both sex's will be looking good.

7:12 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that men, acually, think the different manner, have other form of see the world, yet don´t exist so much machismo.
Nowadays, the men frequented SPAS, beauty salon and aesthetics.
The men give up more cultured of body.
In my opnion the men should be inteligent, kinder, understading, gentle, beautiful and sexy!!!!
Personally i perfere metrosexual, because the the man metrosexual take care with your body and stay more sensible with steriotype to beuty famele.
I think that all of the mam must to have une mind more "open" for the beuty and care with your body and personality.:)

* poliana * 10b

7:24 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that, actually, the man is more developed, they think of shape different and devote much time of them beauty, have the necessity of feeling good with the own body and worried with opinion that other have in relation of your physic, your body.
For me, the ideal man, have that to be only beautiful and sexy, but also account and very very much the physical part. they that to be understanding, affectionate, loving, trust, courageous and very very developed.

Ana Correia 10ºB

9:34 pm  
Anonymous Dário said...

Nowadays, the man (some) ladays, had become less strong, but others continue the strongest sex. We continue making the hard work, while women make the domestic work. I agree with the text but the man is the strong sex.

Dário - 10ºD

9:45 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that man are changing everyday...this change are positive...Man are influenced by tv,movies and magazines...I believe that man can be beautiful,sexy with this changes...More and ore man want to please woman and with this changes i think that they obtain...
Nowadays man are a pasting of many epochs, many attitudes...
Man nowadays man look for beauty, well-being,health,well-bred, well-behaved, attractive, sensitive...
For me the trust, fidelity and sincerity are the most important qualities in a men but if he was nice, sexi and attractive is bood too....
Sandra freitas nº 28 10ºD

10:14 pm  
Blogger Joel said...

I think for now men is very different because the men worrys more with physical aspect.
I find good the man worry more for the physical aspect because the womens don't like ugly and fat men and the mem feels more good will be beautiful and he will have good look.

JOEL Nº 17 10ºA

11:04 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The people’s mentality is changing…the man too…Why?
Manhood, authoritarian, troublemaker, is the image of the man, and they think that is the biggest human being in surface of the earth. Until in their own woman, they were debased by men, since others temps up to now this happen…but with new mentality, the men attitudes replaced, it’s possible to see a men to do domestic services, and we can see too men into hair stylists. The football players, actors, men that work in Television gave in and left to be macho men and replaced to treat theirs bodies. This new image that men is changing, the macho man to metrosexual man. As the text speak the macho man are endangered.
I really like of metrosexual man, because have more sensitivity, and understand better woman.
For me the men should be, friendly, straightforward, honest and should transmit trust, … the attitudes more important in life of a man are inner qualities…

Marta 10º A

9:21 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that the man has evoluting with times, this stay the to retorn with less macho man and to think the one form more mature and serious over determineds matters. The man has worry more with your physical image.
The man owe to be capable to accept women and not to descriminate, since "we are alls evens". But, will be man a nature capable the to make? Exist doubts because the man has idea that anly he is important and that women if finds down of him. The man showed have a little inteligenc. Man has come to attenuante your machism, but is not sufficient. By turn and hapilly, exist exceptins, men that already see the world with other eyes, but in conterpart exist who have a mentality of the child, had this as lemma of the life only the "I".

Diana Matos Quinhentas nº11 10ºA

9:28 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Men are for people with older opinions the powerful sex. Now days that idea isn’t really. In past time men were rude, in roman civilisation there were some preoccupations with look. Actually men want have a good image because exist a social obligation that send in image of men, women send and ascendancy too.
In my opinion a man owe be responsible and strong. The men have to do be in good physical performance and care with theirs looks. Man has to do care with part intellectual. An actual man read news papers and are capable to the be informed with social, politic and sportive facts.
César Luciano 10ºA nº6

9:47 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Men are for people with older opinions the powerful sex. Now days that idea isn’t really. In past time men were rude, in roman civilisation there were some preoccupations with look. Actually men want have a good image because exist a social obligation that send in image of men, women send and ascendancy too.
In my opinion a man owe be responsible and strong. The men have to do be in good physical performance and care with theirs looks. Man has to do care with part intellectual. An actual man read news papers and are capable to the be informed with social, politic and sportive facts.

César Luciano 10ºA nº6

9:49 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

With past of the years the concept of the man have been changed. And in my opinion was the society who provokes this changed, because more and more the idea of beauty and elegance is implanted in our daily.
This idea obliged the man to discover himself, and discover his more sensitive, soft and delicate side, discover his more human side. These discover permitted the idea of the man should be strong, powerful, and rude had stayed back.
In my opinion, the replace the macho man by the metrosexual man have many advantages, because this new “behaviour” of man permit a more enjoyable company and companionship since the man (the metrosexual) increase more the intellectual instead of the physical. When I speak about physical I report me to brutish force, and the use of violence.
A man need essentially exercise his brain! He needs to be cult.
I think I can say yet: that change bring some equality between men and women. Because if we see: the man and woman only were different in the form they care their image, because intellectually they were and are smilares (although this idea hadn’t been accepted during many centuries), and if the man just like women, start to worry with his image (his clothes, his hair and skin, his perfume) these differences are practically minimum.
Finally I can say that all humanity won with this change!

Diana Sousa 10ºA

9:56 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For me men from now a days are a little(agressive)violent,not all of couse. bul some of are friendly with other people, men from now a days are a little macho in celations with women.That's one of the thimgs that should improve but i think that in the younger generation, that will change!!!!

A man should be nice to the people be sensitive with the women. A man shouldn't be violent in no circunstance. For me a man has to have a good look.


10:03 am  
Anonymous filipe marinho 10 A said...

I think that man has improved is qualities in this last years, ir a fisical and psicological way...
Men more and more often is worried with his image what I think is good, not omly to please the women, but also for man himself to feel betles..

10:11 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nowadays, image is a very important aspect in our lifes.
Many times, the first contact that we have with a person is enough to have a first impression.
Some years ago, just women worry with image, but now, men worry too.
They treat their bodies and sometimes, resort to plastic surgery, because they feel that they need change.
So men needn't be a person impolite, with rough manners.
In my opinion, a man should be intelligence, nice, sensitive and educated.
I think that a man should worry with this image but shouldn't exagerate like happens with many metrosexual.

Lúcia Freitas nº18 10ºE

1:31 pm  
Anonymous Célia Bonifácio nº6 10ºE said...

Well, i think that manhood is very imprtant for the men.
they seem very carefuly with their manhood.
they talk with each other about that and avery men proud themselves of this capacities.
they fight for that. they want to look good for the ladies, and they think that some parts of his body is crucial to be accept in the world, for example, to be accept by other men and for the ladies has a handsome, sexy and interesting guy.

1:31 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with men who like looking well and do something to improve their appearence. I agree with men who didn’t care about the idea that they must be the strongest sex, who are delicated and sensitive. This kind of men isn’t less masculine just because they want to be better human beings, who have the same feelings of women. They have the same right to live happy without being confronted with the hardest realities that they should solve alone, just because it must be like that, just because they’re men. Like that, a real man isn’t that who surprass everything whithout showing weakness, the real man is that who isn’t ashamed of showing his heart.

Marta Costa nº20 10ºE

1:33 pm  
Anonymous celia bonifacio nº6 10ºE said...

i think the men have a very different way to live tham women.
yhey have some unique carachteristics.
they seem to be nicer and cooler to his friends and other people.
but i think too that some men have stupid behaviours with the ladies. they seem pretty cool in the beginig, but with the time they seem a stupid guys who have stange behaviours.

1:51 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man is a superio being in everything. Man is the inteligence of society.Is man who makes society graw up. The real man isn´t a slave of woman, he has his own ideas. He respect, protect and dialogue with everybody and work to keep a safe world, without violence.

Tiago Joel Nº28 10ºE

1:59 pm  
Anonymous paula correia nº22 10ºE said...

the men, generally, spend much time to watch their own manhood, and the others too.
they proud themselves and protect some parts of their body like a big and georgeous tresor.
they (the "normals") reject and laugh many times with the guys that seems a litle bit weard, for example who cares a lot with the body.
sometimes i think that is completely stupid because menhood doesn't depend of the physic..

2:02 pm  
Anonymous paula correia nº22 10ºE said...

the men are, like i usually say, a intersting "animal", but very weard.
they are very different from the women. normally, they're stonger and taller than women.
they're don't have any skiils for domestic services, and another one.
but mostly, is they're actions with the women that make them differnt. the men are always ready for a new girl!!!
they do everything to this happen. they bacome sweet, cool, and incredible romantic. but in the end, they became weard, cold and how we say in portuguese :"infieis"!!
they don't pay much attention to the feelings like we do, and sometimes we suffer because of them..... :-( lol

2:09 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my opinion men should be stong and take care of women.We must controle all the situations. However, we must respect women too because we are all equals. For me this is the quality more important in men.

Diogo Emanuel nº11 10ºE

2:09 pm  
Anonymous Tiago André 10ºE said...

The man is a being that is capable to change the world, through him the world was so advanced in de science, in telecommunicaton, etc.
Therefore think us men should be admired, because without us tere world was not anything. As a manhood thinks a man for being man doesn´t have more rights than women, the man should respect the woman, but the woman should also respect the man. In relationship the most importante caracteristics than we have are, the capacity that we have to understand the women the love that we give to a woman, have a lot of intelligence, we are understanding, we are strong before a bad event, we are friends and we liked to live adventures.

2:44 pm  
Anonymous Bruno Pereira 10ºA said...

Nowadays the men worry a lot about his appearance. More and more, to be a beautiful man is important. They take care of his appearance for us to please to the feminine sex. The main reason for them to change is be felt better with his aspect. They arrive before a mirror and they be felt well with what see. I think that the man has been coming to take a right attitude. His physical well being is also important. At this time a man's qualities are the being sensitive, beautiful and delicate. Formerly, to be man was to be rude, ugly and hard but the woman doesn't want him like this. The woman sees the man as a perfect being and with good ways. Then if the man wants to please, he has that doing for that.

2:55 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I really don't know if men are endangered or not. I'm a feminist and I defend that the women and men are equal when the question is human rights. We are talking about people...of course not men are disappearing, but women became more and more strong and they assimilated many capacities of men! They are intelligent and careful, and these characteristics are specifics of themselves, not only their, but exclusive their!!! I know that women are more fragile, but not all, and with a little bit of intelligence and patience the work remain well done!Even so, I know that men can't desappear... There are many women that can't live without a specific man:theirs husbands or boyfriends! I really don't believe in marriage,but there are many people that believe and if men disappear it's the end of the live of this people!And, even if I don't believe in marriage,I always Knew that what I want is be happy, with or without men in the world! Of course I prefer that men don't disappear but I don't know the Future!!!
Helena Magalhães10ºE nº14

2:58 pm  
Anonymous Sérgio Oliveira 10ºA said...

I think it is comprehensible, the changes that the men went suffering of generation the generation. The life manners, culture, evolution of the sciences and technologies, they contributed and they contribute, for the changes that are going existing in the man. Due to the facto of we live in a society, dictated developed, the own man, seats that face should develop to the development that this before. This everything, doesn't mean that the man this to fall more in the charms of the beauty than the woman. However, the man continues to be the strong sex, where in my opinion, being man, it will stay ties at the humanity's end. However, in mine to understand, the following qualities should prevail in the man, of generation the generation: spirit criticizes, willpower, ambition, loyalty, humility, love to give and to receive, sense of inter-help, strong and capable of defending the humanity.

2:58 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my opinion, I think that men from now a days is very changed in a better way. Men from the past weren’t worried with their appearance, they thought they were superior to women and they didn't respect them. But in the last years men started to care with their appearance, many of them aren’t satisfied with their body and do plastics. They care with their hair styles, with their body, with their clothes and even with their weight. Men, today respects women and many of them are ready to change them selves so that women differently to them. I can say that man has changed, and I can also say that many of them are metrosexual man.
A man should and must some qualities like in the first place his appearance/look. An attractive man should have a good image and care about it. That's the first step to be succeeded with women. Than there are other aspects that are important in a man like affection, kindness, sensitivity and understandfull. To put these words in another way, a man should be a gentleman. a man that has this qualities is a lucky guy.

Jorge Miguel nº18 10ºA

7:16 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Delicate, soft, friendly,smiling,shy,perfumed and vain...this are some adjectives with which classify the metrossexual man.
The man need stisfy his phisical and intellctual necessities.
The man is a human being and for he should work for feel good with himself, and for got this he must start changing what is wrong in he.
I think masculine sex like the feminin sex, should work for reade the perfection, even if implique pass several hours in front of mirror.
Maybe have been necessary this revolution in the men world, because only this way they could became more sensivite, enjoyable,charming and muture.
I can say finally that all valley in construction of hapiness and self-satisfaction.

Diana Pereira 10ºA

9:26 pm  
Anonymous Ines said...

In my opinion men have built a castle that has been slowly collapsing. In a recent past they could cry loudly they were the real 'kings of the world' but they will be fighting for their rights, like women have been doing. In fact we are overtaking them at a very fast pace. That's the reason why they are using our 'weapons' now. They have perceived the 'macho man' is a kind of animal in danger of extinction, they can't go anywhere, so they have become 'metrosexual' to succeed. They have learnt that although femeninity was often a problem for women seeking equal treatment with men - its positive aspects is terms of openess, emotional expression and human warmth were also important. Men do not have such a wonderful deal in the world since the social pressures on them to contain rather then to express their emotions are oppressive and restrictive, stunting their full emotional development, so men pay an emotional price for their power; however they benefit from power and privileges.
But they want everything: power, emotional freedom, human warmth, beauty...In fact, some of them really envy us. Men are really a 'mutant species' and I think I'll be in great trouble to find a 'balanced specimen' because he must not only have a pleasant appearance but also some kind of 'substance' inside his head; in fact, for me the perfect man should be handsome, refined, polite, trendy, intelligent, creative, with sense of humor, affectionate...and so on.
I think I'm (a little bit!) demanding, but I truly have to be this way, because it's becoming more and more difficult to find a 'real man'!!!
Inês, nº15, 10ºE

9:26 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think men are the accomplishment of women. As far as manhood is concerned, they consider it very important for them, specially when they are young they like showing their manhood as soon as possible. In my opinion, manhood makes man credible among women.
There are some qualities I appreciate in a man like intelligence, good upbringing, he should be charming and polite.
He should also have a healthy appearence and have good taste. It is very important that he knows how to deal and how to talk with people, specially with women.

Ana Fonseca nº2 10E

9:30 pm  
Anonymous Eduardo Nº12 10ºA said...

For me the man should be responsable and should fight for his interesses so that he can have a good live. The man should care good himself and not treat bad other people , so that he could be a respected man. Also men shouldn't be violent.

Men from now a days think they are the greatest that's why he are violent and aren't responsable like men from past , they only are worried with them selves and a lot of lines family satys out of his lifes. Men from now a days think that they are superious to women. I am against that.

9:50 pm  
Anonymous Carlos João 10ºA said...

Nowadays the man is a human being more delicate, respecter, more elegant and prettier. The current man is worried about his physic appearance, health, taste of feeling well with his self, and also with that they encircle him, mainly the women!!! The daily routine of the current man is not only the job, but also, for example, go to the gym, to the hairdresser, shopping, etc. The actual man is an intellectual being and each time more a “metrosexual man”, a term still little known that means those that care about his image. In contrast of what the man is today, the man of other times was a rude being that doesn’t care about his self, pig, unintelligent, and the only thing that was important for he was the strength, and his air of dominator with the women, they like to be the stronger sex. This type of man is known as “macho man”. Fortunately, that times has changed, for better of course, and with this, our society has changed for better too, and the so known "macho man" became the “metrosexual man”, that each time more and more has following this type of man like the English celebrity and football player David Beckham and the Portuguese football player Ronaldo. In my opinion the real man is not in extinguishing phase, but in evolution phase, therefore each time more men want to become a “metrosexual man”.

10:16 pm  
Anonymous Gustavo 10ºE said...

I think the concept of man has changed a lot since the early sixtie's, however as far as i'm concerned, men are still the "superior" beings. But many people say that in a near future women will take men's place in society which of course is a nonsense, men will always be the world's engine because they (we) are stronger, smarter (in many cases) and they(we) are able to do a lot of different things. Nowadays men are wanted to be more beautiful and sensitive and i agree with this because we mustn't be the "hard workers" forever, and today's tasks are very different from old ones. Q(*_*Q)

11:18 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my opinion the macho men has been replaced by metrossexual.The idea of man to be agressive,without sense of esthetic and insencible mentally are finished.
Actually the man goes to gym,hairdresser and shopping.
I´m not appreciate men,obviosly!!But for me the idea of perfect man is intelligent,gentleman and sensual.
Cristiano nº12 10ºD

11:25 pm  
Anonymous Maria João said...

Men have always been superior to the woman trought this last years but slowly that is disappearing .
I defenitly I don't think man are superior I think either woman are superior to man I think that we are all the same but man generaly think woman is inferior
to them, and can't make things they can but that's totally wrong we can do the same they can, they can be strong but we are smart, woman it's not only for take care of the home and children woman can make many things that man can do!
For me the important qualities in the man are:
the strong to lead with everyting problems and to lead with everyting i think we are a little more weak in that case, for me a man have to be corageous, sincere, comprensive, sweet, cute, FUNNY and tall eheheh ! ^_^

Maria João nº19 10ºE

11:58 pm  
Anonymous Catarina Faria said...

In my opnion the perfect man would be nice, intelligent, understandable, friendly, sociable, handsome and he should be a trustful person. This man is not easy to find, but it would be really great if I had been found one for me!! The idea of the superiority of the´"macho man" has been overtaken by the metrossexual man, a very sensitive, affectionate and cute person and I totally agree with this kind of "personal trend", because in my opinion the most important thing of all is to feel good with ourselves!!!

Catarina Faria, nº5, 10ªE

2:26 pm  
Blogger kapa said...

Hello!!Nice blog.
I think that the evolution are not so present in men, are more in women.Everything changes, men too, of corse.the quality of men are not a question for a men.But i think that, some qualities are be nice, honest, and fight for peace, respect wich other, bit women have to do it, too.
I like your blog.
Joao Pedro Freitas. 19 10 d

4:01 pm  
Blogger kapa said...

Hello!!Nice blog.
I think that the evolution are not so present in men, are more in women.Everything changes, men too, of corse.the quality of men are not a question for a men.But i think that, some qualities are be nice, honest, and fight for peace, respect wich other, bit women have to do it, too.
I like your blog.
Joao Pedro Freitas. 19 10 d

4:04 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello!!Nice blog.
I think that the evolution are not so present in men, are more in women.Everything changes, men too, of corse.the quality of men are not a question for a men.But i think that, some qualities are be nice, honest, and fight for peace, respect wich other, bit women have to do it, too.
I like your blog.
Joao Pedro Freitas. 19 10 d

4:04 pm  
Anonymous Alvaro Costa 10ºA said...

In my opinion the man of other times was a man that don't care about his self he thinked that he had more rights than woman.
But, nowadays the man care about his image, and borned a new type of man, the metrosexula man, a man that like very much his body. Today there are some people like that, as Quaresma. Today men can cook, do the housework, etc.
Metrosexual, I can say that is the man of the future !

6:27 pm  
Anonymous Ana Soares said...

In my oppinion men has changed in last years.Some years ago men was not so "macho" and today this is happens.In these days men try to improve their appearence.
So,in my oppinion men should be nice,kind,funny,intelligent and...beatiful!We need someone inteligent,kind,with personality but I think that the most part of women want a man with this qualities and...a beautiful one too!!!

6:48 pm  
Anonymous Ana Teixeira, nº 2, 10ºD said...

The world is changing, woman are getting more and more power and arriving to the same places as men.
Men are becoming to feel more and more vanity and they do all they can to look beautiful. They do plastic surgerys and make up themselves maybe to impress women (or other men, we never know.. ;) ..). Of course I like pretty men, those that take care of themselves, although, I'm not fan of the actual metrossexual man. This concept means "loving itself", so, if they love themselves, how can they love other people?? To me, men should be nice, friendly, kind, honest, but they should also have a strong personality and attitude.... That's why I do not feel attracted to metrosexual men, the most of them behave themselves as they were women and only feel worried about their looks, and, nowadays, the most important part of one human being it's the inside, the side we can't see with our eyes, their emotions, their feelings and their attitudes..
But, as I said, I do like pretty men, so, I'm not saying that men should't take at all care of their appearance..... ;)

9:39 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that the qualities more important in men are the sincerity, honesty, simpathy... In my opinion, the qualities in a man should be the same than women's qualities. I think that men world is becoming better because some years ago, men treat his ladies like rases. At that time, women had to stay at home to take care of their children. On the contrary, today that situation change. Men respect his ladies and they go out together and have fun.
Nowadays, with this type of life women feel happier...

Cláudia 10ºD

9:44 am  

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