Monday, May 15, 2006

Visiting London IX

Today we are leaving...
We are leaving behind "our host families" and leaving behind England.
We say goodbye , but before going to the airport, there are still some places to visit.
The first stop, that morning, is in the Chelsea's stadium. We are Portuguese and because of that we had a need to see the Club run by José Mourinho... the best football coach in the world.
To remember it, more photos are taken.
Then, we are taken to Windsor.
The city is very nice and looks cosy, even if the rain starts falling down.
The Windsor Castle is a major attraction for tourists. And it is a second home for Queen Elizabeth II. By the way, she was at the castle. Her royal standart was blowing in the tower and I was told so by the guards at the castle.
One last opportunity to spend some pounds and so we take home a few more souvenirs.
Later we arrive at the airport.
Our flight TP387 to Oporto is delayed . We have to wait. However, we don't care. Its time to start chating about our visit and making plans for a new one.
Once in the plane, it takes us almost two hours to get home - Oporto in Portugal.
Here is the end of this "SAGA".
Students and teachers are now good friends....
Felgueiras is waiting for us all.
When we arrive, we are greeted by happy parents.
The end...


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I have Ricardo Carvalho's shirt with a dedication for me and you don´t !!!!!!!!NAh nah nah !!!

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