Thursday, May 04, 2006

Visiting IV

Day three.
Today it's Sunday , the sun is shinning and we're going to the beach.
We must be crazy .... going to the beach in England. That's right! Gods are on our side and even the weather has been fantastic.
Brighton is our next stop.
Brigton is considered to be a Kind of a French Riviera, an aristocratic place where the rich and famous usually go.
Queen Victoria had a palace built there as the Royal Family summer house. It is a fine building.
If you let your imagination flow, you can find yourselves in India.
The Royal Pavillion looks like the famous Thaj Mahal. Inside, it's decorated as a chinese palace.
Beautiful gardens surround this emblematic monument.
Today the Royal Pavillion belongs to Brighton people. That's right, you read it well.
The Queen didn't like it and it was sold to the people.
Then, we walked towards the beach. Brighton Pier is one of the best known atractions.
It's a fun park over the sea. Lovely place to go if you wish to experience strong emotions and breathtaking adventure.
I daren't try none of them.
The city is quiet, beautiful very clean and the people are warm-hearted. If you ever go there, remember to walk through the Lanes. Ancient, medieval and narrow streets in the city centre. You'll discover lovely shops, jewellery, antiques, fashion as well as lots of restaurants and cafes.
By the way, I miss the Portuguese coffee.
The day went by very four we gathered all to go to London.
The rest of our visit is going to be spent in the centre . Picadilly, Leicester Square , Trafalgar are worth a visit.
We are all eager to go shopping. The bad news is that rain welcomes us. It's time to start shopping and a quick choice of...umbrellas.
The English weather doesn't discourage us and everybody looks happy to be here.
See you tomorrow.
The bus drivers say we must hurry to go " home"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No doubt that Brighton is a beautiful place... We remember the beach and the Brighton pier, as well... We think that those moments were unforgetable... We walked away and we could see the different people with different looks and cultures!!
It was strange, but it was fantastic and funny too.

Why did those days spend quickly??
Why?? Sometimes we would like to go back in time...


9:50 am  

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