Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Visiting London II

Next day ....
Some students feel a little disappointed. They felt uncomfortable during their first night stay with their new families.
What a cultural shock...very different uses and very different ways of life. Everything was strange, it all looked weird.
The next minutes were spent speaking to each other , comparisons were made, feelings and thoughts expressed. Emotions were hard to control ... some over reacted.
Once everybody settled in the bus, the day begins with a visit to the Tower of London. One of the most important collection to see is "The Crown Jewels". What a wonderful sight...millions of pounds " closed" in a highly guarded fortress. Enormous, brilliant and the most perfect precious stone embedded in gold objects.
Then , time to visit other exhibitions in the Tower.
Outside in the surroundings, lots of tourists and guards.
Many photos were taken.
Then, its time to have our " delicious " home-made sandwiches, and snacks.
The afternoon promises more adventure as we are going to see one of the most picturesque street markets. Camden Town.
Camden Town is a crowded place. There its possible to see "all the looks". Variety and
exquisite are good words to descriBe the atmosphere and the people we met. It's possible to buy and seel all types of articles and objects. In short , let's say that the Market is dominated by colour, smells of food and inhabited by interesting" beings".
Two hours later, again we move into the city centre.
St. Paul's Cathedral, Millenium Bridge and a quick visit to the Tate Modern Gallery.
The rest of the afternoon is spent in Convent Garden.
Convent Garden had been, in the past, a market. Today it is place to meet artists performing on the street, lots oF shops and cafes. Again, the multicultural Britain is at its best . People from everywhere, from every race are populating the surroundings, along with tourists from all over the world, just like us.
However, something bad happens. It's time to go back to the host families.
This is the worst part. Going to those "odd families".
Nevertheless, the odd starts to become familiar, after all, odd is the best way to describe some people we saw in London streets.
By the way, the weather has been great, some wind and cold...not enough to discourage our spirit.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that london is fantastic...
I don't like the food... the food is very bad............
But I and my friends love this experience...

Kisses: Márcia 10ºD

4:01 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi teacher! I remember that day if it was this day... Although my english family was a little bit odd, I loved!!! Sometimes, I think that those days were simply a dream that I only woke up last days...
No doubt, the best days of my life... I don't have words to describe... it was wonderful!

Patrícia nº26

4:17 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Ofélia.
This is a very good idea!

4:58 pm  

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