Monday, May 01, 2006

Visiting London

Easter Holidays... Great time to forget school, assignments as well as teachers. Time for fun and relax.
However, last Easter holidays have been a little different.
We, me and some colleagues, have organized a school trip to London. Our adventure has been share by sixty, young, bright and nice students.
The journey started early in the morning at Escola Secundária de Felgueiras with many parents sobbing and showing some tears. For us only excitiment.
At the airport, after a long check-in we were all finally ready to get on the plane.
The journey took an hour and fifty-five minutes. Long minutes as for most students it was their first visit to one of the most cosmopolitan capitals in Europe.
Still in the plane we got the first glimpses of the city, some clouds covering the majestic and always impressive city. Some, such as Francisco, my nine year old son, could identify many famous monuments and places such as Tower Bridge, The Thames, The London Eye.
Once at Heathrow, bags packed on the coach and the mini-bus we headed to Central London and our first stop was at the London Eye, a giant wheel built by British Airways to celebrate the coming of the new milleniun. Each capsule takes twenty-eight people and the tour takes thirty slow-motion minutes. It is time to watch the city, to take photographs and to tell each other's first impressions.
Then, time to visit Westminster, Houses of Parliament, the famous Big Ben and time to enjoy British multiculturalism.
Later in the afternoon, we were left at Iceland car park, in Croydon to meet host families. Here some students started feeling "shocked" by the looks of their hosts. Many were negroes, others from Asia and some apparently British.
Our host families represented, quite well, multicultural England and the mixture of races.
The story goes on...


Blogger Scabi said...

foi uma viagem simplesmente inesquecivel....todos nos gostamos e foi pena não ter durado mais... =S...mas paciencia...para o ano ha mais..
Cumprimentos de João Pedro e Ismael

10:54 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This trip was really wonderful! We don't have doubts about this! Students' group was fantastic, as well as, teachers' group...
Each moment was different and it had something different.
It was an unic experience for us!

We'll never forget those wonderful moments. London stayed in our hearts forever...

Patrícia, Márcia e Cláudia

10:56 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My friend Ana told me that your visit was very interesting and beautiful, she saw many things and she said that was amasing but she said that are bad things as well, for example: the food!I believe her because I see the fotos and I think that was a unic experiece because London is a city amasing!

Cátia nº10 10ºD

11:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My friends told me that it was a great visit. They saw amasing things and I belive that it was an excelent experience. I would love to go there!!!

Celina Sampaio Nº11 10ºD

11:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good work teacher.We think that this visit at England should be very interesting and amazing, we just sorry not went. This blog must be very important to us, because with this we can learning,and teacher can helping us in our personal studs.
Genoveva Carvalho, nº 15 10ºD
Carla Coelho, nº 9 10ºD

11:01 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The trip was amasing, we saw very interesting things and wonderful monuments. It was an unforgetable experience. We met new places and people that we never will forget!

Ana Isabel and Eugénia 10ºD

11:09 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My friends told me that the trip was simply amazing... I would like to go there with my class.

Teacher, your blog is really interesting!!!


11:10 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everybody say it was amazing, unforgatable... Maybe it really was, and I still sorry didn't go.
Maybe I can go the next time. And maybe next time the trip can be to Haway.. maybe, just maybe... It's just a sugestion.
Well, I'm waitting to see the next chapter...

Narcisa Guimarães 10ºD nº24

11:12 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well. All I can say is I LOVED BEING IN LONDON. It's one awesome city and the trip was fabulous........... Abou the host family: we were waiting for them in the car park when we saw one really OLD car with one OLD and SCARY man inside. Obviously we all started laughing!!!! ;) We (Marina, Mota and me) knew that our host was called Yolanda, so we weren't really worried about staing with the old man.................. He arrived and said: "number seven" and the guide Said"marina, catarina e catarina"..................................................................................She was refearing to us!!!!!!!!!!! All those who were in the car park just started laughing a lot!!!!!!! and we...............well, we started crying!!! What a dispair!!! lolololololololololololol!!!

Ana Catarina, 10ºD, nº2

11:25 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Esta viagem foi simplesmente fantástica!!!=D....adora-mos!!!
Bjinhos grandes para todo o grupo...Voces são FANTÁSTICOS!!!
P:S:Pedimos imensa desculpa mas não estamos com muita inspiração hoje!!!;)
Ana Catarina Marinho 9ºG
Sara Pinto 8ºD

12:54 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great site loved it alot, will come back and visit again.

5:14 am  
Anonymous Diogo sampaio 10º B said...

the Portuguese food is very better, and is more healthful!

2:40 pm  
Anonymous Diogo sampaio 10º B said...

they forgive I deceived myself in the page

2:50 pm  
Anonymous Diogo sampaio 10º B said...

they had been the best vacations that I already had I was penalty, is of the temperature not to be very good was very cold... but of the England remaining portion he is one I besiege very pretty to visit and has sitios that in they leave them of open mouth.

2:57 pm  

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