Thursday, May 04, 2006

"Happy Ending"

Yesterday, our students went to the theatre.
We, had the Clever Pants, an English theatre company that tours the country with funny and interactive plays for leaners of English.
It's certainly a wonderful way to learn and to have fun...Laughter, music and great interaction between the audience and the actors.
Students are invited to join and change the play. As usual, our students have been great. They're nice kids and the actors loved them. ( I was told, but that I already knew...)
Students had a great time, they loved the play and they said it was easy to understand.
Next year we'll try to have them again.
Happy End(ing)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes... It was a great time!!! We think that the theatre was very easy to understand and very, very funny!!! It was a good idea, it was a way of relaxing for us... with an HAPPY ENDING!!!

Patrícia Nº26
Cláudia Nº3
Márcia Nº22

9:35 am  
Anonymous scabi said...

it was amazing... very very funny... we'r waiting for the next year... it was FANTASTIC..

joão pedro
ismael simao

10:13 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello... In my opinion, i think that the theatre was very funny and very easy to understand... I found the theater very amused..

Rui Monteiro

8:22 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was the first time that we went to theatre in English and this experience was wonderful!
They very funny and represent them roles very well.
And we are dying to the next year!

Ana Isabel n.º4
Cátia Monteiro n.º10

11:28 am  
Anonymous Sara 10º E said...

Hi!In the first, I don't knew if I will understand the teathre, because I'm not an excelent english student.But in the end, I enjoy so much that I thinked that I would become a English person!

5:38 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think that this show was very interesting....... the actors are very nice with us and did a good work.
this show exist in felgueiras on three years but the show in this years was the best.the show promove the language english of a way very very funny!!!!!!!

Bárbara nº7 10ºB

1:38 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well teacher, we think that the idea of the theatre was Fantastic (like the name of the actors...), we would like to know who have the idea of made a show like this in English. the show was very funny and interesting, it was a great time. for the next year we wait for more...

Alexandrina nº1
Ana Leite nº3

1:52 pm  
Anonymous poliana 10 b said...

hi..... i think the theatre was very umusing!!!!! i loved.....(",)

3:51 pm  
Anonymous Marina e Rita 10º.D said...

we passed a great time seing this theatre... it was very funny and we couldn't stop laughing... we hope we can see the theatre in the next year...

9:22 am  

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