Sunday, May 28, 2006

Teen Poetry II

"Love is like the seeds of life,
to root is full pain and strife.
But to grow it's like a great oak tree.
Straight and strong for eternity.
Love is what I offer you
steadfast, calm and oh, so true!
Love is life between two who shares,
A life between two who really cares.
Love is ours, if you agree,
to spend your life with me."
Jean Edwards

For you...who lives my life!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe in true love.......

1:37 pm  
Anonymous Narcisa 10ºD said...

This poem with this music is perfect.
The poem is great, love really is something special, and in spite of i'm very young, I think that love is too hard to find, too weak, so we have take care of it. But, at the same time is very strong and can change your life with just a look.
I believe we must fight for our dreams and when love is our happiness... well , we should always fight for it, against everyone.
Like someone said, I believe in true love.

9:33 am  

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