Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A Dream Came True...

( here I am...in pink)
When I was a young child, I already liked English very much. I have always loved the subject, the accent and the language.
Well... I had a dream: to go to England.
Fortunately, I made this dream come true, or better, my parents made it for me...
The beginning of this dream started when some adeventurous teachers decided to organize a trip to London. I was thrilled and I couldn't think of anything else!!
Two months went by. But, I still feel the smell of " plastic food" and I hear the noise that I could notice in that wonderful country as well. I still see that agitation on the streets, a lot of people from several countries with cool, crazy and coloured looks walked in those beautiful gardens and large squares. A thing that I perceived was the austerity that the English impose to others. They are nature lovers. There, plants are untouchable. This is an example to follow. Their gardens look like a " green sea" without an end at sight.
Today I dive into my memories, it seems they don't have a bottom. I remember those days as if it were yesterday... We lived moments that marked us a lot. I wonder why, and I can't find an explanation. Maybe ,because we were happy together...
When we arrived at Heathrow Airport I felt a mixture of emotions.
Finally, I was nearly to make my dream real.Someyimes,I thought that I would wake up, at any time.It was a great time to forget many things and recall others.
That trip is remembered by all of us and sometimes we talk about some unforgetable moments. It was so special... I had the opportunity to speak English with many people. For me, it was very important. How should I classify this?
Maybe...." Funny learning!!"
We had to live together with English people and we had to accept their culture and odd habits. It was so funny! It was a challenge. I think that I have never laughed so much.
Students as well as teachers visited a lot of beautiful places. We bought many souvenirs. Many photos were taken... But nothing can show how exciting it was.
Everyhting was right... it hardly seems credible that even the weather was so good. The sun was shining above our heads and a fresh breeze refreshed our spirits. All was successful!
This experience was fantastic, it was a dream and a reality... Now, it's just a sweet memory that I'll keep forever in my heart.
I want to thank to the people that gave a little of their lives to offer me a lot of fun and happiness. In fact, all of you are the main reason for those magic moments I had the luck to live!
Everything was a dream. When I 'll return what will it be like? Will it be real?...
Patrícia Monte Lira Rodrigues da Costa
10º D , nº 26


Anonymous Ana Isabel 10ºD said...

I agree with Patrícia. The travel to London was a fantastic experience that I won't forget!
We saw many interesting things that stay in our memory for ever!

6:51 pm  
Anonymous Celina 10ºD said...

In spite of the fact that i hadn’t gone to London, I agree with Patricia when she saw that it was “Funny Learning” and a challenge.
This trip was an extraordinary opportunity for the students learn many things about the English culture.
I believe that they never will forget this amazing trip!

8:58 am  
Anonymous Cátia Monteiro 10ºD said...

I didn't go to travel, but I believe in my friends when they said that their trip was fantastic and wonderful, and that was a experience that they won't forget!!!

9:18 am  
Anonymous Genoveva e Narcisa 10ºD said...

Very good work, Lira, Congratulations.
This text is very intersting, because you showed how much you liked to go to London, and how much you liked to realize it.
One more time, congratulations. ;)

9:23 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The field trip to London was very interesting. I got to know many things about England and, i enjoyed visiting the museums, especially the Tower of London. It's amazing the amount of jewels that Queen Elisabeth II has got. and the diamonds...? I've never seen so many and big diamonds together in the same place.
Also, i enjoyed being with my friends in another country. We had a great time together. I'll remember that for tha rest of my life. Still, it was funny to see how teachers behave outside the classroom. they're funnier and nicer!!
The only thing i didn't like about Britain was its food! It's awfull!
They never eat rice! How can't they eat rice?!! And they only eat plastic food. that's probably why they're the tallest of all European...

Rui Pedro Ribeiro Carvalho nº24 10ºB

6:06 pm  
Anonymous Carla 10.ºD said...

Good work, Patrícia. Congratulations!
You liked of the visit to the London and you get realize a dream. I think that realize the dreams is very important since lead to the happiness. With this text, I understand that you spent pleasant moments.

11:06 am  

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