Monday, June 12, 2006


We're counting down the last days of school .
Typically, Summer invites to a lapse in household rules.
For some that means staying up late, sleeping all morning and spending the rest of the day playing video games, watching TV or surfing in the internet.
That's a recipe for brain drain...
While most parents would like to encourage their kids to just go out and do something, it's more helpful to have a list of suggestions handy.
First of all, our favourite couch potatoes must need to earn TV and computer time with outdoor activities.
With no need to get up early, and sunset falling ever later in the evening, it's tempting to alter routines. But it's still important to keep some of them.
Restful children will have more energy and better moods. And that all adds to happy families.
Don't dread Summer vacation.
Before you know it, kids and teenagers will be back in school and tell what great Summer they had.
Happy Summer Holidays...


Anonymous Ismael 10ºD nº16 said...

I love that image.. Is so great.. makes me remember the beach and the sun..
Good hollidays to you teatcher..

11:22 pm  
Anonymous Ana Isabel 10ºD said...

Holidays! I love this word that means beach, a life without worries and maybe laziness...
Students need holidays because we are so exhausted with tests, homework and all we do during this year.
Good holidays for everybody!

11:39 am  
Anonymous Celina 10ºD said...

“Summer Holidays”…
… These are the most desirable words!
“Summer” means heat, sea and sand – the beach!
“Holidays” mean tranquillity and free time to do what we like!
These words together make a perfect combination!
This is a moment that students waited anxiously; it’s a time to replace lost energy in final tests. It’s time to be with old friends, to leave the city, to know new places and make new friends.
However, after almost three months of tranquillity, we need return to school and come back to have a excited life!!

8:59 am  
Anonymous Carla 10.ºD said...

The Summer Holidays arrive…beach, swimming pool, cinema, camping…There are many choices and suggestions.
The holidays are important to rest and relax.
I think that we also must choose outdoor activities because they are healthier.
Good Holidays!!!

11:08 am  
Anonymous Patrícia_10ºD said...

HAPPY SUMMER HOLIDAYS FOR ALL OF YOU!!! To you teacher as well...

6:37 pm  

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