Thursday, June 08, 2006

Responsibility and Freedom

You don't trust me...
But they're my friends...
Everyone else is doing it...
Teens need their independence, but how do you make sure they are safe?
Although every adolescent is different, there are many experiences common to the teenage years.
The most common may be the pull and push between dependence and independence.
Teens, at younger and younger ages, are putting themselves at risk for sexually transmitted diseases - including AIDS - and for pregnancy.
And some teens, and even younger children, smoke tobacco, drink alcohol, use other drugs, or commit acts of violence and other crimes.
No wonder so many parents are concerned, even frightened;
No wonder so many try to control the behaviour of their teenage children.
It is important for parents to make rules for younger children.
As children get older, however, they need to learn to make some of their own decisions and life choices.
Teens need the chance to practise good decision-making skills, and to manage new life experiences.
They need to agree to behave in responsible ways and to show that they can handle the freedom.
That's where respect, responsiblity and reliability come in.


Anonymous Diogo sampaio 10º B said...

For me when a person leaves house it has to have head stops of that if it is to make because it is a very great responsibility, while the children the parents have to be more protop of a mountain of the children because the company can takes them for but company, and soon since soon the parents have dde to impose its rules.

9:39 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Making good or bad choices depends a lot on what your beliefs and values are. Borrowing the words in Matthew 12: A man takes from his heart/soul what he has there: good or bad stuff depending on the things he allowed himself to be stored there. Responsibility, truth, justice and compassion are just some of these good things...freedom without them turns into a useless, empty word

11:11 pm  

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