Tuesday, September 25, 2007



Food is an important subject in our lives.
We need it to stay alive, to avoid malnutrition and disease.
In a century, in which we still watch the images of starving and dying kids in Third World countries, devastated by poverty, war and corruption, we look through "the other side of the fence" and see fat children eating large plates of fat food, walking towards disease and death in countries where wealth and abundance are dominant.
There's something wrong!
Maybe the rich kids should learn how to divide the surplus with the children of want.
Luckily, schools are becoming healthier places.
Students learn how to divide, add, subtract and multiply in the Maths classes, they learn foreign languages, they study chemistry and biology and they are now learning about the value of food.
They are learning that food can cause diabetes type II, obesity, heart conditions, teeth problems and so many other health problems. They learn that fat children are social outcasts.
Portuguese schools are now receiving recommendations about what food they are allowed to offer in school canteens. Many articles are being banished such as chocolates and sodas. Instead, canteens and cafeterias have "to teach" students how to become proficient and get good grades in a subject called " Food and Health".
I certainly support the introduction of new uses and encourage the change of attitude of a generation that is being spoiled by a consumist market and rich nations. If nothing changes, the future generations will surely change...they'll become "couch potatoes", sitting in large , comfortable sofas, playing computer games and eating pizza, hamburgers and lots of ice-cream to go with large cups of soda.

Sunday, September 16, 2007


School's back! ...So many new things, so many changes and challenges.
School means study, learning and growing up with abilities and skills that enable young adults to face the complexities of our society. For many these are defined goals and they fight hard to reach them, however, there are so many kids for whom school is only a place where they are forced to go to by parents, by social laws and because there's nowhere else to go to. School is a community "inhabited" by different social groups, what allows children to train themselves to live in a larger community and where they must adapt to people from varied ethnic groups or nationalities.
Teachers are very important agents at school, not only because they have the duty to teach, but also because they, too, must learn to deal with so many different kids, coming from so many different social backgrounds.
Every new school year, teachers must face classes of new students, who look at them in expectation. They wish the teacher to be so many things...someone who has got knowledge, who is going to teach them new skills, who is not going to be boring but always funny and easy-going. They wish the teacher to become a friend, not a foe.
Being a teacher is probably one of the most difficult tasks in society, although many don't think so.
I love being a teacher in spite of all the criticisms, the lost reputation and the difficulties.
To all those involved in Education , I wish a "funny" school year.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Six Years...

Six years ...
The 11th September 2001 marked a tragic day in the American History. This date will always be remembered by all.
This is dedicated to all the victims of terrorist attacks, not only in the World Trade Center, but everywhere.
The innocent victims of extremist actions can't be forgotten until Men are allowed to live peacefully on Earth.

Friday, September 07, 2007


I have been challenged to pick up the nearest book, and rewrite the fifth sentence on page 161.
So here it is:
"...Estava a observá-la desde que entrara,vestia de branco e os seus desordenados cabelos castanhos brilhavam com a luz do Sol."
This sentence is taken from a lovely book written by Ángela Becerra, a Colombian author, in the book Amores Negados (De Los Amores Negados).
I finished reading it yesterday night, and it is about a most beautiful love story in which time seems to follow the inner search of the couple. There a magic sensuality in the words. It is full of life, idealisms, possible and impossible dreams, hapiness and loneliness, until they find themselves...
I do not dare anyone in particular to repeat this. I do dare those who love reading, to read even more.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

On The Air...

The Red Bull Air Race took place today in Oporto/ Gaia, Portugal.
The city witnessed one of the most amazing races on the air. The people that "flooded" the banks of Douro river cheered the pilots each time they raced to get the best final score and to win the competition.
The British pilot Steve Jones won the first place with an amazing 1.10 seconds.
Congratulations to all.