Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer Reading II...

This is a post written immediately after having finished reading another book.
This is an extraordinary book about an extrordinary woman who became a Pope of Rome in the ancient times of 853 .
The book of " A Papisa Joana" written by Donna Woolfolk Cross, is the story of a young and brilliant girl who fought against all odds to have the right to learn. To have an academic education was forbbiden to girls because they were considered inferior. Joana, fought against her cruel father, against her mother, against the law of men just to have the pleasure to learn and to study. She was a brilliant student but also persecuted because of her intelligence. She lived most of her life hiding herself under the clothes of men.
Her intelligence, skills as doctor and character take her to Rome and near the Popes. Elected as one of them, she had dedicated those brief times as Pope to help the poorest.
The book is also about her love story.
She died in 855 in the streets of Rome while giving birth to a still-born child.
A book that absorbs our attention till the end.


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