Sunday, August 29, 2010

Summer Reading IV...

Here is another book I've read this summer.
Washington D.C., is an excellent book about politics, ethics, high society, blackmail, treason, conspiracy, love and marriage combined with an interesting insight into madness.
Gore Vidal, the author of this great book, writes about the Senator James Burden Day and his assistant Clay Overbury. There is also Blaise Sanford, a milionaire, that follows the political career of Clay Overbury. Clay is an ambitious, handsome and charming man, whose false dedication to the senator is going to give him a prestigious career in the American politics. He gets married to Enid Sanford. Clay is hated by Blaise Sanford in the beginning but he ends up being loved , even if for the wrong reasons.
The book shows the greatness of the American empire during the presidency of F. D. Rooselvelt and goes into the terror period of McCarthy.

A good way to understand American politics.


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