Sunday, June 25, 2006

A new Blog

The new blog is very special.
It is made by a young boy. He is nine.
It came up as a natural curiosity to try out the new technologies, and let me say because he is an intelligent boy.
The new blog's name is O Grilo.
Visit it ! You'll enjoy yourself.


Blogger xikituh... said...

Obrigado por-me teres feito uma postagem sobre o meu blog.

8:52 pm  
Anonymous Patrícia 10ºD said...

I visited the blog "o Grilo"! It's very cool, I loved the articles, specially the texts about our wonderful football team... But... I couldn't comment, because it don't accept anonymous people... :D
So, I decide write here.... :D


4:03 pm  

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