Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Five Manias...

A good friend, Sofia, who has got a blog 8ºE 2006/2007 http://8esl.blogspot.com challenged me to dare say which are five of my manias.
so, here are they:
mania of reading;
mania of being stubborn;
mania of being perfect;
mania of perfumes;
and English mania.
Now here goes the challenge to others in the blog universe:
Now, I must write the regulations ( sorry but they are in Portuguese)
"Cada bloguista participante tem de enunciar cinco manias suas; hábitos muito pessoais que os diferenciem do comum dos mortais. E além de dar ao público conhecimento dessas particularidades, tem de escolher cinco outros bloguistas para entrarem, igualmente, no jogo, não se esquecendo de deixar nos respectivos blogs aviso do "recrutamento". Cada participante deve reproduzir este Regulamento no seu blog."
And against the regulations, I'll invite all my students and friends to write their own manias if they wish to.


Anonymous Patrícia 11ºD said...

Hummm.... This is an interesting challenge!!!

I know that I'm not a blogger and I wasn’t invited... But I didn’t resist saying my 5 manias (I'm really bored)...

Here, are they:

Mania of being distracted… (I’m able to collide with somebody in an open roof, my dad use to say that I couldn’t be a surgeon, because I’ll kill someone….. lol)

Mania of perfume myself before I go to bed (I know I’m crazy, but it’s just because I love to feel myself perfumed, so, I can have fragrant dreams…) :)

Mania of music (I used to say that music is the sonorous band of my life! I can't live without it!)

Mania to feel sad when I see that someone feel down (it's really what I feel, I can't see anybody crying, specially people that I love, when they're are unhappy, i'm unhappy as well...)

And... finally:

Mania to comment this wonderful BLOG... (why?? I don't know, I love... I can express what I feel, it's way to relieve some things... For me, it's a way to relax... when I need to relax a little bit from my diary stresses, where do I go? Funny Learning, of course! I must be crazy... I'm becoming bored, I know.. ;) By the way, congratulations, one more time, for this wonderful blog!!!)

Bye... kisses

11:44 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lamento informar que o Ondas3 não embarca em "correntes" deste tipo pura e simplesmente porque é um blogue temático e a questão está fora do seu âmbito. Octávio Lima (ondas3.blogs.sapo.pt)

12:37 am  

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