Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Education is a very serious subject.
In Portugal, schools, local councils, cultural associations, parents, students and citizens in general are invited to debate Education and to give suggestions about what can be done to improve our educational systems, but above all, the results of education.
So The CNE- Conselho Nacional de Educação, promotes a national debate. These national debates are due until the 30th November 2006.
Escola Secundária de Felgueiras and GAPE -Gabinete de Apoio a Projectos Educativos are promoting a debate on the 24th November 2006, in the school's auditorium, by 9:00 p.m. The issue on discussion is " Metas e Medidas para Melhorar a Educação em Portugal"
So, I, as a member of GAPE invite all to be there and listen to the speakers' contribution. The idea is to offer the audience a time to discuss the subject- Education.

( the programme will be published soon)


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