Tuesday, November 14, 2006

English for Fun...

Recently discovered this site.
Visit it and try your English.
Have fun while learning!...


Anonymous patrícia 11ºD said...

English for fun... I see english like a way to fun and relax as well... This blog is the best proof of it! It's right that sometimes I have to write here because it's an obligation! But, the most times(like this one)I write because I like to do it!! When people make things for taste it doesn't tire!!! :)

Well... I loved the "games", other thing that I'll do more times!.. I promess ;) I think it can help us, students, to increase our english capacities! :)
See english like a funny-learning!!
See you...

10:45 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ola Amor
Obrigado por estares a fazer este excelente trabalho. Parabens


3:57 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations, teacher.
In my opinion, teacher has been create a new method of learning, that more and more encourage, their students to write and learn English, such as I.

Genoveva Carvalho
Nº14 11ºD

12:39 pm  
Anonymous Carla 11.ºD said...

“English for fun” is a good idea. This site and this blog is a good example.
I think that this type of activities stimulate the learning, develop and improvement the capacities, help to write in English and encourage the students.
These examples are a useful instrument for all students.

8:48 pm  
Anonymous ana isabel, 11ºD said...

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9:32 pm  
Anonymous ana isabel,10ºD said...

teacher, this coment was a deceive... sorry!

9:36 pm  

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