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Anorexia made another victim.
Ana Carolina Reston, the brasilian model, who was 21 years old, died from anorexia last Tuesday, in São Paulo Brasil. She was 1,72 m tall and weighed 40kg.
Ana Carolina is only one in thousands...many young girls and boys start developing the disease because of some absurd beauty standards, imposed by the fashion industry and magazines.
Fortunately, some of the most important passerelles are setting up new and healthier standards, to allow models go and succeed on the catwalk.

But what is anorexia?
People with anorexia are obsessed with being thin. They lose a lot of weight and are terrified of gaining weight. They believe they are fat even though they are very thin. Anorexia isn't just a problem with food or weight. It's an attempt to use food and weight to deal with emotional problems.
The reason some people get anorexia isn't known. People with anorexia may believe they would be happier and more successful if they were thin. They want everything in their lives to be perfect. They blame themselves if things in life are not perfect.
Girls with anorexia usually stop having menstrual periods, have dry skin and thinning hair on the head. They may feel cold all the time, and they may get sick often. They are often in a bad mood. They have a hard time concentrating and are always thinking about food.
It is not true that anorexics are never hungry. Actually, they are always hungry. Feeling hunger gives them a feeling of control over their lives and their bodies. It makes them feel like they are good at something--they are good at losing weight. People with severe anorexia may be at risk of death from starvation.
Treatment of anorexia is difficult, because they refuse to admit the disease. At an earlier stage they can be successfully treated without having to be admitted to the hospital. But for successful treatment, patients must want to change and must have family and friends to help them.
People with more serious anorexia need care in the hospital. Treatment involves more than changing the person's eating habits. Anorexic patients often need counseling, so they can work on changing the feelings that are causing their eating problems. These feelings may be about their weight, their family problems or their problems with self-esteem.
Better not even think of going on a crazy diet...enjoy your image!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

These images shocked myself!! :/
I couldn't resist in comment this post! :)
Anorexia is real! Anorexia affects many young people, I think that all started with some "stupid" diets, to try to have a perfect physical appeareance because it's the first impression for other people...
But... look!! Are women's photos perfect?? Are they healthy??
Not at all...

In my point of view, this alimentary riot involves an emotional side. Sincerely, I think that it's the main cause of this horrible disease! I'll try to say what I think that happen with some youngs in this situation:
I suppose that they feel themselves without any ambition, dreams, without any affections... They try to express their revolt with all world and to call others' attention... I understand... It's very depressed to feel alone in life, without any hope! But it's necessary to understand that physical appeareance isn't so important as a lot of people think...
Inner-beauty is pure, people may be ugly, pretty, fat or thin, if their interior will be beautiful they'll have an amazing and rare quality! They have a true heart! Personally, I appreciate much more a person with "inner-beauty" than a person with a perfect physical apeareance... "Inner-beauty" comforts myself...

All these episodes that I've knowing make me sad, because it happens with youngs like me, they may be my colleagues!! :(
It's lamentable to see them so close to death... :(
It's urgent to help them, we can't allow that their dreams end, because our life doesn't make sense without our ambitions...

6:22 pm  
Anonymous Patrícia 11ºD said...

Sorry, I forgot to sign last comment... :)

6:24 pm  
Anonymous Carla 11.ºD said...

Anorexia is eating disturbance characterized by the limitation of the food, due to obsession of the thinness, already that the actual concept of the fashion determine the thinness with symbol of the beauty and elegance.
Unfortunately, nowadays there are many cases of anorexia. These images impress any person and demonstrate, in the perfection, the consequences of the anorexia.
Anorexia manifests, mainly, in young women. Therefore it is more frightening, because in the adolescence, the body is in phase of the growth, and the anorexia can cause serious problems.
Sometimes, the people with anorexia atain with, speed, an extrem degree of the malnutrition and the rate of the mortality atain 15% to 20% of the cases.
The physical characteristics are’t the more important, therefore, I think that people must fell well with this body and know that the anorexia isn’t the good method to gain self-esteem.

8:20 pm  
Anonymous ana isabel, 10ºD said...

Anorexia isn’t only a problem of models. Anorexia afflicts many people that want to show acceptable appearance to society. Nowadays young girls think that thinness is the key of all their problems. They believe that if they aren’t thin they won’t be happier.
They don’t know that anorexia can be a very serious problem, there are a lot of implications about it, and one example was what happened with Ana Carolina Reston.
I don’t agree with what some girls do. They “put” on their heads that they are fats and the only solution is medical treatments.
We have to accept us like we are and don’t follow “fashions”.
Now, model agencies in Brazil are taking steps, for don’t happen one more time unnecessary dead.

Plus Size Models should be “fashion”!

9:37 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nowadays, anorexia is a big and serious problem.
It is frightening see this images of these younger models, and understand that most of them feeling fat, and don’t eat because of it.
More and more, in our society, is common see many people (specially younger girls) very thin, and consequently suffering of anorexia. This fact, in my opinion, is caused by ambition of being models, by most girls, that don’t understand that to reach their objectives, they needn’t to exceed their tenets.
Just as well that the case of death of brasilian model Ana Carolina, wake up most of international catwalks, that establish some attitudes to avoid this cases, such as establish a valour minimum of weigh to models.
However other cases of anorexia isn’t caused by being models, but specific psychological problems, and this can’t be resolved by this attitudes of international catwalks, but with support of family and, of course, medical support.

Genoveva Carvalho
Nº14 11ºD

12:05 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When people are unhappy and they want their problems to disappear, they should talk with family or friends, but sometimes this don’t happen, and this people begin to have eating disorders. Often these people don’t like your appearance, so the solution that they found is to stay thinner, thinking, like this, that could be happier. What is true is that just they can control the amount of food that they eat, and if they can to stay thinner, they simply stop to eat.
But, how a person can stay like this? These photos are rely shocking. At the same time, I think that this problem and these photos should be spread, for that people have the idea than this disease can do to teenagers, especially girls.

Cátia Monteiro 11ºD

6:41 pm  
Anonymous narcisa guimarães 11ºd said...

God!! How is this possible? What are these people’s reasons to stop eating and be like this? Is about beauty? Is it a mental problem?
Some time ago I saw a documentary about a woman that had anorexia and bulimia at the same time… It’s really bad. She had so much problems and she suffered so much…
A few days ago a model died because of it? And I asked to myself: Why people do that? Are their jobs more important than their lives and health??

9:39 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i dont think the key to beauit is being skinny and ever one is beauitiful no matter their size

2:50 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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7:04 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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7:06 pm  

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