Sunday, December 03, 2006


Because Christmas is more than a decorated tree and the consumist appeal of Santa Claus...

We should never forget the real meaning of Christmas... the celebration of Jesus birth, the religious ideal of celebrating a better world in which we join hands, regardless of our origins or social backgrounds.

Christmas is the celebration of life!..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ola Amor

Espero e desejo que o Natal seja aquilo que tu sempre sonhas-te.


8:35 pm  
Anonymous Carla 11.ºD said...

Christmas mean the celebration of Jesus birth. Is time of peace, joy, being with family and give attention to the people less fortunate. Unfortunately, for some people, Christmas is only decorate a tree and receive presents. The trees and others Christmas decorations provide a special climate in this period, but isn’t the more important. We never must forget of true meaning of Christmas.

6:02 pm  
Anonymous Genoveva Carvalho nº14 11ºD said...

Christmas is my favourite time in the year.
I love walk in the streets, with the temperature very cold, and see the shops with lights and other Christmas decoration, the people buy many gifts for our family…
However, I think that Christmas today is different to the past. In the past I believe in the Santa Claus and this fact give more fantasy to this time; and in my opinion Christmas more and more is becoming one period of consumism, and this isn’t important. The most important is being with our family.
In this time, families stay more together…
In my case in this time I stay more nostalgic, and more sensitive with the cases of other people, that don’t live the Christmas time like everyone.
Happy Christmas for everybody!!!:)

8:40 pm  

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