Sunday, August 29, 2010

Summer Reading VII...

Isprinsessan ( A Princesa do Gelo) by Camilla Lackberg a new Swedish author that has become an international success.
The book is about Erica Falk that returns to her little hometown after her parents death. The death of a childhood friend, Alex, is the beginning of the mysteries in the city. She decides to investigate her friend's death and together with Patrik Hedstrom, the police in charge of the investigation they soon discover that things are not always what they seem. They found out the truth about the city with a really disturbing past...

An excellent book, enthusiastic reading.

Summer Reading VI...

Outlander( Nas Asas do Tempo) by Diana Gabaldon is about the old Scotland, its Clans, its mysteries and traditions.
In 1945, Claire Randall, an ex-nurse in the Army, comes back from the war and is with her husband in a second honey-moon in Scotland when unexpectadly she touches a circle of rocks. Suddenly, she is transported to the year 1743, to the centre of a battle between the English and the Scottish. Captain Black Jack Randall, an English and an ancestor of her husband thinks she is a prostitute, but next she is taken by the powerful Mackenzie clan. They believe she is an English spy or a witch, however her experience as a nurse gets her the respect of the men. She ends up being forced to get married to a member of the clan, Jamie Fraser, who devotes her true love that Claire feels divided between fidelity and a new passion as well as between two very different men.
She is also taken to a world of conspiracy, war between English and Scottish Claire must decide what to do when one knows the future?

A beautiful book. I loved it all through its 772 pages.

Summer Reading V...

Rules of Vengeance, written by Christopher Reich is a book that imprisioned me from the first to the last page.
Jonathan Ransom, is a doctor Without Frontiers working under a false identity in a distant place in Africa. Meanwhile, his wife Emma is hiding in the subworld of the international spying to escape the American Secret Services, which she betrayed.
Both are anxious to meet again and they have the opportunity in London, but an attack to foreign diplomats ends ups in a bloodshed. Emma disappears and Jonathan must fight to find again the hidden truth.
An excellent choice, full mystery

Summer Reading IV...

Here is another book I've read this summer.
Washington D.C., is an excellent book about politics, ethics, high society, blackmail, treason, conspiracy, love and marriage combined with an interesting insight into madness.
Gore Vidal, the author of this great book, writes about the Senator James Burden Day and his assistant Clay Overbury. There is also Blaise Sanford, a milionaire, that follows the political career of Clay Overbury. Clay is an ambitious, handsome and charming man, whose false dedication to the senator is going to give him a prestigious career in the American politics. He gets married to Enid Sanford. Clay is hated by Blaise Sanford in the beginning but he ends up being loved , even if for the wrong reasons.
The book shows the greatness of the American empire during the presidency of F. D. Rooselvelt and goes into the terror period of McCarthy.

A good way to understand American politics.