Monday, October 08, 2007

Happy Birthday...

Francisco...eleven (11) years ago.
So tiny, so helpless and needless to say so beautiful.
Time! seconds, minutes, hours...years passed and today I remember once again the most wonderful day in my life. His birth was the greatest gift I was ever given.
My life, my view of the world simply changed from that day on.
My dear son... as you grow I wish you to be the happiest boy, I wish you to be able to follow your path, step by step but always strong and determined.
Francisco, I wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Parabéns para a mãe!
És linda.

5:39 pm  
Blogger Patrícia said...


First, I want to say: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Francisco! I wish him a beautiful life with all of good things that world can give him.
Have a nice day teacher, because today is a special day and you should be congratulated, as well, for the wonderful mother that i'm sure that you are.

kisses to you and too your dear son


8:28 pm  
Blogger Cátia said...

Ola Ofélia,

Hoje venho juntar-me à festa para deixar um beijinho especial de Parabéns, a ti e ao Francisco. Um filho é sem duvida uma benção, alguém que consegue alterar a nossa forma de ver a vida, alguém que dá um sentido especial à vida.

Para ele desejo toda a felicidade que a vida pode proporcionar; e para ti, a felicidade de o veres feliz.

Beijinhos grandes

12:11 pm  
Anonymous Jorge Nº14 10ºC said...

Happy Birthday little buddy!! And of course, congratulations teacher, he look to be a good boy =)About this schools year, I have a good feeling about it!!! English is my favorite subject, and you will se it along this years!!

9:48 pm  

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