Tuesday, August 28, 2007


"The Righteous Men", written by Sam Bourne, in Portuguese translated as " Os 36 Homens Justos" is an intriguing story of murders, Kidnap and a very ancient culture, the Jewish, that takes place mainly in New York ( although deaths are connected in many distant parts of the planet) and involves a journalist and his wife as being the central characters in the book.
Will Monroe sees himself caught in a series of events that end up in his quest to save his wife from the hands of her kidnappers. He is forced to learn about the Jewish traditions, to solve mysterious messages and to run against the clock, which might in the end save his wife and ultimately the World from total destruction.
Reading the book is a journey into the secret worlds of Fundamentalism, Misticism and Biblical Prophecies.

For those who love mystery and intrigue with a little touch of a thriller this is the book to read in these Summer days, or nights. I must confess that as usual, whenever I get enthusiastic with a book it's quite hard to stop. I enjoyed it.


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