Thursday, August 02, 2007


These are some facts that are known as true by most people. Scientists proved they are wrong.

Men use only 10% of their brain - this is a myth that lasts for almost a century. Fortunately it isn't right, science has demonstrated that we use most of our brain.
Men think of sex every seven seconds - men are usually sexually more active, but there are no studies made that prove that kind of thoughts.
Dogs can predict natural catastrophes - there is no evidence of a sixth sense in dogs. What happens is that dog's senses are very sharp what allows them to sense quickly a tsunami or an earthquake.
Chewing gums take sevn years to be digested - chewing gums are digested like any other food. doctors believe that the myth was spread to avoid kids from swallowing them.
The Great Wall Of China is the only visible monument from space - that is not true. Astronauts near the the terrestrial orbit say they can even see the landing ground in airports.


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