Monday, July 16, 2007

My Wonders...

Monuments have been elected as the new wonders in the world. They are really magnificent places that are worth a visit.
However, our lives are made with small "wonders".
Sofia and Patrícia have asked me to write about my personal wonders. This is a difficult task, I don't know if I'll select seven wonders. Lets see...
My first wonder is, no doubt, my son, Francisco. He gave my life a totally new meaning. Motherhood changed me, everytime I look at him I think what a wonderful boy he is!
My second wonder is the family I built with my husband, Inácio. Together we try to complete each other, there is cumplicity, love and friendship!
My third wonder are my parents. Luckily, both are still alive. They gave me everything I've got. I grew up in a large family of six sisters, where I was taught to respect others, I was taught the importance of being earnest, I was taught the importance of work and education. I am what my parents were able to teach me. I thank them, for now I know how difficult it is to be a parent and to educate a child for the future!
My fourth wonder are my sisters. We are seven sisters( I've got a twin) and we are very close to each other. Together we make up what is not any more common, "a noisy family"!
My fifth wonder is my home. My home is where I like to be, where I feel safe from the outside world!
My sixth wonder is my love for reading. Reading offers me the possibility to travel through time and space. Books are a treasure in my life!
My seventh wonder is my ability to teach. I love teaching, I love the contact with the students. Students are part of my life just like I am part of theirs, at least for some time!


Blogger Cátia said...

Querida Ofelia,

Para quem duvidava se conseguiria nomear 7 maravilhas, elegeste-as muito bem. E que belas maravilhas que tens...

Os teu filho, a tua família, os teus pais, as tuas irmãs (imagino que especialmente a tua irmã gemea) são sem duvida pessoas que te ajudam, te fazem parte do que és, que fazem parte do teu "circulo seguro". A tua casa será sem duvida o local onde te encontras, com eles e contigo! Quanto ao teu gosto pela leitura compreendo-te bem, acho que são viagens a um mundo maravilhoso feitas para qualquer local e a qualquer hora.

Quanto à tua aptidão e gosto pelo ensino, fico feliz por dedicares a tua vida a uma profissão pela qual gostas mesmo... Acabas não só por contribuir para a formação de muitos jovens, mas também por marcar as suas vidas... Assim como acredito que cada um deles te marque também.

Que bom é conhecer-te mais um pouco.
Beijinhos grandes

2:52 pm  
Blogger Patrícia said...

Hi teacher, how are you?

Thank you for you had answered to this challenge.

It's always good to know you better..
I loved your wonders.. I already know that your son would be the first one ;)

I specially agree with the last.. Yes, you've the ability to teach, not only about english, but about life as well. Congratulations! You're also wonderful ;)


See you...

9:58 pm  

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