Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Prestige...

In the film The Prestige, Robert Angier (Hugh Jackman) and Alfred Borden (Christian Bale) are the magnificent characters.
Angier e Borden were assistants of an experient magician, until a tragic accident separates them and transforms them into rivals.
Both become magicians and spend most of their time criating new tricks and illusions, but above all, they try to destroy each others work. That small war in which both lose and that destroys their friendship, becomes an obssession to Angier when Borden criates his Great Trick, called" The Transported Man ”. The search for the perfect illusion and its success increases even more Angier's obssession to see his rival's destruction, making him follow a quest to have the machine that might help him to realise that dream.
The film is to be seen attentively as the director , Christopher Nolan, uses a lot the synopsis and the action is intrincate.
An amazing story, full of mystery.
I do recommend The Prestige as one of the best films to be seen this summer, in the confort of your sofa.


Blogger Cátia said...

Ola Ofelia,

Devo que confessar que não vi este filme, apesar de ser grande frequentadora de cinema. Este filme tenha tido grandes referencias. Para além dos actores que referes, temos Scarlett Johansson e julgo que teve participação de David Bowie, que foi salientado na altura (espero não estar a fazer confusão). Julgo que o filme nomeado para 2 Oscares, o que nem sempre significa muito, mas aponta para alguma qualidade.

Talvez siga as tuas recomendações e qualquer dia passe uns bons momentos a ve-lo. Aguçaste a curiosidade.
Beijos grandes

12:06 pm  

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