Friday, July 20, 2007

The Sound Of Music...

Today, I went to the theatre, Politeama, in Lisbon to watch " The Sound of Music" by La Féria.
It is a magnificent production of the original film, that is starred by Anabela who once again proves her talent in a wonderful, powerful interpertation. The children give the musical a fresh, innocent touch.
Indeed, a play to be seen and to take your kids.

The action takes place in the town of Salzburg in Austria, just prior to World War II.
Maria, a woman studying for the
Roman Catholic sisterhood in an abbey who has begun to doubt her calling, is sent out to be a governess to the seven children of Captain Georg Ritter von Trapp, a widower and a decorated World War I captain in the Austro-Hungarian Navy. Von Trapp is an Austrian patriot at a time when it would be safer to be friendly to the ascendant Nazi regime. The Captain is raising his children in a strict and militaristic manner, with which Maria immediately disagrees. The children, initially hostile and mischievous, soon come to like the courageous Maria ("My Favorite Things"), as she works to loosen the Captain's strict policies and brings warmth, including the joy of singing, back into their household ("Do-Re-Mi"). She finds herself falling in love with the stern Captain but tries to suppress her feelings, as he is engaged to be married to Baroness Elsa Schräder. He too finds himself warming to the unconventional governess. Meanwhile, the eldest girl, Liesl, and a messenger, Rolfe, are attracted to each other and meet secretly ("Sixteen Going On Seventeen").
The Baroness fosters some misunderstandings, and Maria returns to the abbey, but the children implore her to return. After some soul searching, Maria leaves the abbey and marries the Captain. Soon the Captain is called to duty in the Kriegsmarine of the Third Reich, but Maria and the Captain arrange for the family to leave the country. Following a family concert including the Captain's rendition of "
Edelweiss", they sing their final song, "So Long, Farewell", as they escape through the convent and travel over the mountains to Switzerland.


Blogger Cátia said...

Ola Ofelia,

Estou a ver que andaste por Lisboa... ;) É sempre bom fazer uma viagem diferente, sem ser apenas para a praia ou aqueles destinos tão caracteristicos do Verão.

Gostei desta tua recomendação. Ando ver a "Musica no Coração" desde que estreou... Depois soube da viagem do teu 11ºD e fiquei ainda mais curiosa... E agora tu... Bem, acho que é desta... Acho que em vez de "ir e levar os filhos" vou e levo os meus pais... Será uma boa surpresa para eles. Vamos ver...

Beijinhos grandes

5:26 pm  
Blogger Patrícia said...

Hi :)

I loved to see "The Sound Of Music".. I was fascinated by all that I had seen.
I always loved theatre.. And I was anxious to see it. However, it still surprised me a lot!!
It's really fantastic.. I love all this magic.. the music, those scenes, clothes.. As you know, I loved that voice of Anabela.. But in the theatre it's different, wonderful.. I don't remember to clap my hands so loudly!

Like Anabela sang, I wish you that music stays always in your heart...

Many kisses********

9:50 pm  
Blogger Patrícia said...

I forgot to say that I and my friends are thinking about to go to Rivoli to see "Jesus Cristo Superstar" of La Feria too..

10:08 pm  
Blogger Sofia said...

"The Sound Of Music" was the first Filipe La Feria's theatre that I've seen...
It's the best theatre that I've ever seen, it was so magic and it was amazing to feel that magic inside of me...

And now... when somebody say something abou "The Sound Of Music" I start sing:
do, a deer a female deer
ray, a drop of golden sun
mi, a name I call myself
fa, a long, long way to run
so, a needle pulling thread
la, a note to follow so
ti, a drink with jam and bread
that will bring us back to do do do do....


Some days ago I saw "Jesus Cristo Superstar" and believe that it's also really good...
For the second time of my life, I saw that La Feria's theatres are really good...


12:40 am  
Anonymous Genoveva said...

Is fantastic this work of La Féria and your actors that inspired in a film make “The sound of the music” one of the most famous musical. I loved see this musical when I and many students of our school went to Lisbon. Now, I’m very enthusiastic to see “Jesus Cristo Superstar”, other musical of La Féria, that has made very success in Porto.
I wish that you have a good holidays…

11:14 am  

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