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Every Summer, Portugal, particularly in the centre and south of the country, is a stage of the so called " Festa Brava" or "Fiesta" in Spanish, an event immortalized by Hemmingway in his book " The Sun Also Rises".
Bullfighting is a tradition that is kept year after year conquering " aficionados" from all quotes of society.
Bullfighting takes place in an arena but unlike in Spain the bull isn't killed. However, this rises the question of animal suffering. Some associations of animal rights defense organise demonstrations to call for people's awareness to the issue.
Is this mere cruelty to animals or does it represent a way of life, a cultural tradition that is respected in Portugal, Spain and other countries?


Blogger Sofia said...

How cruelty this is... I can't understand how can exist people that like bullfight... What's funny on bullfighting??? I don't understand how can be funny make a animals suffering, and then kill (or not) them...

But... "...Open mid for a differente view..."

Free me

I didn't ask you to take me from here
I didn't ask to be broken
I didn't ask you to stroke my hair
or treat me like a worthless token

but my skin is thick
and my mind is strong
I am built like my father was
I've done nothing wrong

so free me
I just wanna feel what life should be
I just want enough space to turn around
and face the truth
so free me

when are you gonna realize
you're just wrong
you can't even think for yourself
you can't even make up your minds
so my mind's a jail
I hate the whole goddamn human race
what the hell do you want from me
kill me if you just don't know

or free me
I just wanna feel what life should be
I just want enough space to turn around
'cause you're all f*cked
someday maybe you'll treat me like you


This is a music that really touch me, because it shows how cruelty are human beings...

If you wnt to listen the music use this link:


12:05 pm  
Anonymous Eugénia said...

I hate this kind of things...So many people acclaiming the suffer by one animal... It's so unfair, but so famous... The worst is that atract a lot of people of our country and others... So many people comes for far to see one animal that have no guilty to be injured or killed... This is fun!? I don't thing so...

Enjoy your holidays!!!

4:42 pm  
Blogger Patrícia said...


I don't like bullfight.. I see people that love it, but I can't find a reason to appreciate this type of "culture"... It's a thing that I don't agree, where is the joke to cause suffering to animals? Aren't they beings? Don't they feel pain?
I'm sure that the answer is "yes, they do.."
I think that when a bullfighter injures a bull, we can see the blood draining in his skin, and this bother myself.. I consider it cruelty...


3:32 pm  

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