Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Books VII...

Barbara and Stephanie Keating are the authors of a lovely book about friendship, " Blood Sisters" or "Irmãs de Sangue"
The action takes place in Africa, Kenya in 1957, during the domination of the country by the British. Throughout it, we become witnesses of the conflicts that get, sometimes, serious between the local people and the whites.
This book tells the story of the country by following the lives of three girls, an Irish, an Afrikander and a British one. They swear never to break the bond of blood that unites them.
Nevertheless, their lives are going to be very different and they need to struggle in the distance to remain as close as they have always been.
This is a long narrative of love, friendship, family relationships and tragedy, too.
"Blood Sisters" is indeed a touching novel, that reveals the readers not only the conflicts and problems of races, but also a beautiful country that can be amazingly beautiful in its wild life and nature but cruel and rutheless at times.
A book to read while school doesn't start.


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