Tuesday, February 06, 2007


We should smile a lot...It is proved that we must smile, laugh as it has so many benefits.
. regulates our blood pressure
. strengths our immunitary system
. protects our heart
. improves our brain functioning
. increases energy, and
. alliviates pain.
This isn't bad for such an easy and elementar gesture . We should also think that smiling reduces stress or even eliminates depressive feelings of guilt, anger, anxiety, aggressiveness or simply makes you feel happier.
They certainly are good reasons to smile, aren't they?
And if the problem is that you believe there's not a reason to smile, then take some time and dedicate it to yourself. Look for what makes you smile. Look for positive, funny people and friends and learn to cheer up.
It's worth to discover small things, apparently insignificant ones but that will make a difference in our lives.
Let's learn with kids to smile...the simplest things in life are quite often the best source of inspiration for a smile...for a sound, pleasurable laugh!


Anonymous patrícia 11ºD said...

Beautiful comment! I totally agree with you, teacher!!
Although not always be easy, I love smiling... :) I think that everybody loves it, or almost all people... All of us must smiling, always!
Unfortunately, not always life is wonderful, yesterday we cried :( , today we smile :)!! It's our lives!

But, the wonderful thing is to receive a true smile, because we feel the affection that is hided in this smile! Wonderful! Sometimes we don't perceive the happiness that we can transmit with a sincere smile!!
For me, there isn't any coin that can pay a true smile!! For this same reason, I wrote about it on my blog, some time ago... :)

Kisses and a lot of smiles ;)

6:30 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was ok!! I hope the same for the english one :) I believe that it will be ok too... Hmm... Today... I'm so positive! Thank you for your support!


6:54 pm  
Anonymous Carla 11º-D said...

Smile bring many advantages. A smile can help us to feel happy, reduce stress and transmit satisfaction. When we smile transmit enthusiasm to the other people and ourselves; smile also make forget the bad moments. Therefore, whenever possible, we must smile. A true smile is always good!

4:46 pm  
Anonymous Genoveva said...

I agree with this. We must smile. It brings many advantages to our organism and make we feel very happy.
Sometimes, smile it is impossible because we are bad, or unhappy. However we must overtake these problems, see the world around us and smile!

7:28 pm  

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