Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Learn more than one....

What are the advantages of learning one or more foreign languages?
Probably you're thinking this is teacher's talk...just to try to encourage you to work harder, to study more...Well, it's not.
Scientists working in an investigation at York University in Toronto, Canada, have discovered a connection between speaking more than one language and avoiding mental diseases such as Alzheimer.
They say that its not new the idea that the brain, just as muscles, need to be exercised to keep healthy. According to them " mental gymnastics" delays mental illness, at least four years. Scientists state that to put the brain to work, in two different language systems, for most of our lives, will favour brain cells' versatility. The nervous cells have a higher capacity to assume several functions, in the different circuits of our brain. So, a brain used to think in more than one language would be better irrigated and able to use alternative areas, in case something fails, especially during old age.
Considering these advantages, will you give learning foreign languages a second thought?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course!! Our brain needs to be exercised to avoid diseases, mainly, during old ages... Like text says, it can help nervous cells to assume several functions at the same time, because we think in some different languages! It's logical, I think...
Recently, these diseases are problems among society, and scientists are trying to discover more details about our brain, seeing that, some of them said our brain is still very unknown. It is very complex.
But if we have to learn more foreign languages to help us in this aspect, it's right... Maybe a solution, who knows?!

Besides, in my opinion all we learn it's better for us.. We should learn as much as we can, everyday... So, we can join two things: learn to know more and learn to help our health!!

Let's learn more languages! ;)

Patrícia 11ºD

1:57 pm  
Blogger João Pereira said...

yes.. I bellieve so!

because learn foreign languages give us the opportunity to know more languages but also the possibility to exercise our brain and our capacities !!

8:23 pm  
Anonymous Carla 11ºD said...

Learn foreign languages have many advantages: we can acquire new knowledge, but we also
exercise our brain, that contribute to avoid mental diseases. Therefore, I think that learn foreign languages is “healthy” and is a good opportunite for we give more value to the foreign languages.

9:28 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that, is very important to learn very languages, because it is good for our culture and other things...
But for me, to learn languages is very hard...

Márcia 11ºD

11:04 pm  
Anonymous Sofia Monteiro said...

Wow... Interesting text... I have never thought about that... I only speak 2 languages because I think that English is amazing and speak with people of different countries is amazing too... But if it has advantages... if it is healthy... Who am I to don't belive??? yeah, it's possible... LOL!!!

Ok... So, now, I'm healthier than 5 minutes ago... because I'm comment this great blog in English... LOL!!!:)

So, to finish in many languages I only can say:
Bye, bye (English)
Xau (Portuguese)
Au revoir (French)
Wiedersehen (German)
Arrivederci (Italian)
Adiós (Spanish)

Let's speak more...:)

10:23 pm  
Anonymous Genoveva Carvalho 11ºD said...

Of course! If scientists at York University in Toronto, Canada said that speaking more than one language can be avoid some diseases, like, Alzheimer, I think that everybody must be learn more than one language. In my case I just learn English (at school), but I’m very interesting at Spanish unless I don’t learn it. In addition, learn more than one language can improve our knowledge and help us get a better job.

11:46 pm  

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