Thursday, January 11, 2007


Denmark is a small country of islands, located in Northern Europe. Denmark, which also consists of Greenland and the Faroe Islands, is a part of Scandinavia. The country has approx. 5.3 million inhabitants. Denmark is a member of the EC, but has chosen not to take part in the monetary union and the military cooperation.
Characteristic features of Denmark are primarily the welfare system, which ensures equal rights and access to public services for all, and the democratic government. Denmark is also characterised by gender equality, freedom of speech, an active business life and high-quality research and development environments.
The Danes are informal in dealing with people and put a lot of focus on their personal freedom.
They are generally well educated, well informed, yet at the same time enjoy a distinctly Danish lack of formality. This gives the Danes a relaxed and often humorous attitude to authorities and life itself.
In Denmark you will find that the distances are short and this makes it possible to combine all the atmosphere of buzzing city life with the relaxation of the beautiful Danish countryside. Clean beaches and green forests are rarely more than a half hour’s drive away.


Anonymous Catarina Teixeira 11ºD said...

Denmark must be beautiful! I'm anxious to learn more about their culture!

10:11 pm  
Anonymous Joaquim Silva 11ºD said...

The people seem nice over there :P

6:42 pm  
Anonymous Patrícia 11ºD said...

Yes, I agree with Quim Zé... I met (in messenger) three students of Denmark... They seem nice... We talked a lot.. And we sent our photos and pictures of our own country...
This is interesting!


1:05 pm  

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