Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The first...

January is the first month of the year and one of seven Gregorian months with the length of 31 days.
January begins (astrologically) with the sun in the sign of
Capricorn and ends in the sign of Aquarius. Astronomically speaking, the sun begins in the constellation of Sagittarius and ends in the constellation of Capricornus.
January is named for
Janus (Ianuarius), the god of the doorway and beginnings in Roman mythology.
The first Monday in January is known as Handsel Monday in Scotland and northern England.
The beginning of a new year means, for many of us, the renweal of hopes, ambitions and new beginnings. Many new "lives" will be born; new futures will be shaped...
For me, the new year is always a renewal of some wishes, common goals and lots of expectations ...and particularly hope to be happy , to go on loving and being loved!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

muita boa sorte neste ano de 2007

12:25 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

boa sorte e felicidades amor

12:19 am  
Anonymous Carla 11.ºD said...

January is the first month of year. Is time of want a good year, to want realize the dreams and have hope that we will be happy. Is time to establish objectives for a new year. Therefore, I think that January is the assert of dreams and objectives.

2:49 pm  
Anonymous Genoveva, 11ºD said...

January…The first month of this long year-2007! In my opinion January is a month of new hopes, new goals and new things. However, in my case January make me feel a little scare, perhaps because January is the beginning of the new year, the first month of the year, and in twelve months many things can be changed…
In addiction, we mustn’t live think that new year will go bring bad things, but thing in the good things, that are the consequences of our attitudes.

2:23 pm  

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