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E-Twinning is a space in the web that was created to promote cooperation and friendship among European schools.
This is a program sponsored by the European Community.
Recently, I have decided to register in the E-Twinning space because I was looking for different challenges and to offer my students new opportunities to practise the English as a foreign language.
The answer from abroad came quickly. I have been contacted by a Danish teacher to work together.
Her name is Helle Olsen. She lives in Kalundborg, a small town about one hundred (100 km) Kilometers from Copenhagem, the capital of Denmark.
I'm enthusiastic...so are my students...
I hope this partnership to be the beginning of a very interesting multicultural exchange. Only through understanding of other people's cultures and ways, is it possible to enforce world peace.


Anonymous Simão 11ºD said...

I think this is a great idea, i mean, to learn about other cultures, to make new friends is awesome. I talk by myself because I want to study out of my country, I want to know and to see the culture that I most appreciate and to learn with it. It will be a fantastic experience. I'm glad my teacher have this young ideas :D

8:28 pm  
Anonymous Patrícia 11ºD said...

I totally agree with my colleague. :) This an excellent opportunity for us, students...
It's always good to communicate with people that have different habits and cultures...

One more time, fortunately, "funny learning" in our student lives!
As Simão said.. i'm glad too for your wonderful ideas that more and more catch our interest to learn... :) thank you

See you... **

10:38 pm  
Anonymous Genoveva 11ºD said...

I’m very enthusiastic to start this experience (E-Twinning) with this school in Denmark, because I think that is a good opportunity to create new friends, and to increase my knowledge about other cultures. Such teacher said this partnership can be the beginning of a very interesting multicultural exchange and I believe this will be one experience very productive...

9:11 pm  
Anonymous ana isabel 11ºD said...

I agree with my classemates. This will be a excellent opportunity and experience for us.
I'm very excited with the idea and I want to do everything for show to other people our costumes and culture that our country have.
I hope that everybody have a great enthusiasm like mine. ;)

8:37 pm  
Anonymous Carla 11.ºD said...

I think that E-Twinning will be a good experience. E-Twinning contribute to know new people and new cultures. I believe that E-Twinning is a useful challenge and a good idea to acquire new knowledge.

9:11 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, actually I do not want to be "anonymous" - It's only because I haven't created a google account yet...
My name is Helle Olsen - I'm the teacher, Ofélia mentioned. I just want to say that my students are looking forward to communicating with you!
Best regards, Helle.

8:36 am  
Anonymous Catarina Teixeira said...

As all the others that have posted comments here, I also think that E-Twinning is a great idea. Actually, I do not know a lot about Denmark and I believe that I will be able to learn a lot in a funny way. I'm anxious to start communicating with foreign students, actually, I believe we all are :)

E-Twinning is a great idea and not all the teachers would be available to work in this project as our english teacher, thank you. :D

1:21 pm  
Anonymous Marina 11º.D said...

I... i just wanna tell you that i am very excited to begin this project... i think that it realy has wing to fly..
i hope that our future e-pals are so excited as i am and has all of my friends are... it is going to be very fun and i hope i can discover funny and interesting things about them and their ways of living.

maybe some day we might organize a trip to meet each others:)

Marina 11º. d

5:38 pm  
Blogger João Pereira said...

i'm ansious for this fantastic experience..
I think that we will became great friends.
ehe =)

8:11 pm  
Anonymous Joaquim Silva 11ºD said...

I already talked with a danish girl from this project and she is nice :D i'm ansious to meet the rest of her class...And,thank you teacher for this experience =P

6:50 pm  

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