Monday, January 15, 2007


So many faces, so many different races, ethnic groups, so many peoples and nations.
This is the beauty of our world. A multicultural society in which every difference must be seen as a gift to be understood, accepted and learnt.
What would you say it is? Express your opinion.


Anonymous Patrícia 11ºD said...

Multiculturalism is the ability that someone have to accept others' culture. All of us like to be respected, and this is very important, because all people have this right!! Unfortunately, not always it happens...

Society is very critical, more and more, many people mock others that have different cultures, habits and races. A multicultural society can mean racism and discrimination, but it can mean too a society where there are a huge wealth in relation to cultures diversity. So, there are always a positive aspect... For instance, immigrants can learn something about other country, it's a way to open their horizon and it's very important in their lives!

In conclusion, in spite of race, skin colour, hair, habits, all of us deserve to be respected... because we're..
"all different, all equal"

In spite of our physical appeareance, all of us are humans and we've feelings... Like said the poem "Lágrima de preta": our tears are the same, it don't have any evidence of aversion...


5:43 pm  
Anonymous Genoveva 11ºD said...

For me, Multiculturalism is open our mind, and hearts at new people, new cultures and traditions. Is the mixture of opinions, knowledge and experiences of life. I think that multiculturalism, as teacher said, as a gift that life given us, because there bring a lot of good things. Multiculturalism improves our history of life and make we feeling more and more complete, because such someone said we are “all different… all equal”, and this is truth.

10:36 pm  
Anonymous Cátia 11ºD said...

I agree, completely, with this text, because multiculturalism is this. I think that multiculturalism could be seen like a factor of improvement and opening to new and diverse possibilities. One the other hand the cultural diversity and ethnic are, often seen like a menace to the identity of nation, as such in same places multiculturalism provoke disdain and indifference, I believe that this is really bad, because the fact of a society have persons of different races and different cultures, just make this society more beauty and rich.

2:36 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Multiculturalism is the belief that it is important and good to include people or ideas from many different countries, race or religions.
A multicultural society is a society that accepts other cultures, that shares its costumes with people of others races. It is a society that valuates cultural differences and allows all communities to live the lives they choose.
Multiculturalism can be good because it is a mixture of cultures, teaching its cultures to one another. They share they habits, food, art, music and costumes of their homeland.
On the other land, opponents believe to multiculturalism that it can be quite bad, because they think that nobody has to accept or share cultures with other races. I think that this can be considered racism.
In my opinion, multiculturalism and the existence of multicultural society is quite good because it males the world go round.

rui carvalho nº 23 do 11º B

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