Monday, January 29, 2007

11th February...

Eleventh February is going to mean, or not, great changes.
We are going to vote for or against abortion. Better to say, for or against putting women to jail for having decided to abort.
Pregnancy is a moment to be celebrated with great joy. From that point onwards a new life is taking shape inside of us, magic happens...
However, I do agree that we also have the right to make a choice. Children must be wanted, loved from the very beginning. So, its better to go through a conscious abortion, a dramatic decision for any women, than abandon or harm children.
Children have the right to be protected...always!
Women have the right to decide...which lives they want for themselves without being unfairly judged as the worst criminals.
I defend the right women have to take a decision , and do it legally. Not hiding, not putting their health or lives at risk.
According to the World Health Organization (WHO) , half of the 46 million abortions done every year in the world are made under dreadful conditions, that in consequence cause death to more than 68 thousand women.
These numbers were published by the WHO in their report about World Health in 2005.
The organization reminds governments that they must invest in education, information and contraceptive health services, so that they can minimize the effects of such experiences.
The document also says that it is impossible to prevent all unwanted pregnancies. On the other hand, it implies that all those unnecessary deaths can be avoided as well as the suffering that goes along with an illegal abortion.

Consciously, I'll vote YES.


Anonymous Patrícia 11ºD said...

Abortion is a very polemic question. People have different opinions. But we have to respect this!!

For example, I think that abortion shouldn't be legal. In my opinion, there isn't anybody that have the right to "kill" a human being. A person that can't defend himself or herself. Besides, there are so many ways to avoid the pregnancy, and not always people seem to know it! And, they only worry with these situations when this happen. So, for them abortion is a solution.
People that don't have the possibility to have children or don't want to have them, they should avoid it.
Ok, it's true that in some situations I think that we can consider "abortion" a choice. But this is in the law now: defficient formation of baby, danger to mother and baby and breaking... In these cases I think that it should exist the possibility to chose.

Well... it is a very extensive subject, so I'll stop writting. :)

But, the most important of this question is the conscience of each one to vote... ALL PEOPLE HAVE THE DUTY TO VOTE!
And all people should respect the opinion of each other. I respect all that will vote "yes" and these people should respect people that will vote "no".

I can't vote, but I would like to vote "No"...

See you tomorrow...*

9:13 pm  
Anonymous Genoveva said...

I don’t have a clearly opinion about this matter, abortion. In the beginning, my opinion is Yes, abortion should become legal, because, today, do an abortion is forbidden, but many women do it… clandestine, subject a many risks whether woman or baby. However if exist so much methods to avoid an unwanted pregnancy why don’t use it?
On the other hand if abortion would become legal, I think that illegal abortion will be continued, because, our society are very prejudice and women that do an abort will be discriminated by other people for have taken this decision. We inhabit in a democratic society where everybody have the duty to choose the best decision for herself or himself. I can’t vote in 11th February, but I think that everybody should be vote, and express or opinion.

1:07 pm  
Anonymous narcisa 11ºd said...

If I could, I would vote NO! I think that nobody has that right. In my opinion, is a child's life, in spite of some people don't agree.
There are people, people who will vote "yes" that think that is just a person when the pregnancy has already 10 weeks and 1 day, before that, I think they think that isn't. What's the logic? Until 10 weeks that life has not importance and one day after is already a human life?
Maybe we could at least try to improve the adoption system... it's something. Or informe people about a lot of precautions, like condoms and pilula... because there is a lot of people that now, 2007 don't use it. maybe consults of familiar planning. Something that hinders them of get pregnant, but not abort.

8:01 pm  
Anonymous Flávia Cunha (11ºB) said...

If i could, i would like to vote YES... women have the right to choose what they want...

But in one point, i agree with Lira: ALL PEOPLE HAVE THE DUTY TO VOTE!

4:27 pm  

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