Monday, July 17, 2006


Today it's incredibly hot.
Temperatures are alarmingly high.
Some, may argue that's Summer, however, we all know that this is not normal.
Even in Portugal, we expect sunny, warm days, not burning temperatures.
This is a clear sign that he Global Warming of the Planet Earth is a reality.
When we hear scientists alerting authorities to its dangers, we tend to think that's only going to happen in science fiction films. Not at all this is real...
Let's all, governments in particular, try to act to save the planet while it's still possible to do something.
Urgent and serious legislation is necessary to enforce the rules.
Save the!!!


Anonymous Patrícia 10ºD said...

IT'S REAL....!!!!!!

Hello! I agree with you, yesterday it was very hot... Fortunately, today the weather is better... Now, we can feel a fresh breeze in our face... ;)
Well... I know that it's summer!!! But, what it's in excess is bad... More and more, our planet is becoming different!! I think that in the future, the weather will be uncontrolled!! Maybe, Portugal will be a tropical country!
It has been verified, that Earth is to heat. It's alarming!
As people should know, ozone layer is becoming greater and this can cause harmful consequences for our life...
As you said... PEOPLE SAVE THE PLANET while it's time to do this!!! While it's possible!!!


12:01 pm  
Anonymous Carla 10.ºD said...

This information is real. Our country registers more and more, high temperatures. The ozone layer and the risks are increase.
All people have to give the first step and take initiatives. A simple gesture can contribute to minimize all dangers that we are subjects. However, this gesture isn’t sufficient; it is necessary that all people must have conscience of this problem and all people must adopt measures. After all, all people must of take care of a healthy life and Planet.

11:26 am  

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