Thursday, July 31, 2008

Breast Feeding....

The 1st August is the International Day for Breast Feeding.
Breast feeding offers the baby all the necessary ingredients it needs to be healthy, such as proteins, sugar, fat, vitamins and water. Besides, it also has some ingredients that pediatric powder milk can't incorporate such as antibodies and white cells . That's one of the reasons why breast feeding protects the baby against some diseases.
The mother also benefits. It contributes to improve her health against some diseases, too.
On the other hand , breast feeding the baby improves the baby's mental development and reinforces emotional bounds with the mother.
With breast feeding it is possible to reduce child's death rate as well as to offer them a better quallity of life.


Blogger Sofia said...

Just to wish you a wonderful holidays!

Relax and have fun!
Take advantage of all the simple minutes, 'cause the next school year is coming... :S


P.S.: Sorry for being away all of this time...

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