Sunday, June 01, 2008

They are the future...

1st June!!!

Children's Day! It's wonderful to celebrate the youth, the innocence and the future enclosed in each smile, in each face of a child.

It's necessary to give them attention, to given them the freedom to grow in an harmonious environment, to give them love.

It's essential to offer them the right to be healthy, to be educated to offer them a brighter future.

It's important not to neglect them, not to abuse them, not to force them to work.

It's fundamental not to let them die from hunger, from want and from the wars.

Let's make today the first day of all the next in which children will be the centre of all our attention, in which peace , tolerance and respect for the differences will make tomorrow a better place to have our children.


Blogger Patrícia said...

Today was my last day in school... Today is an especial day... I've to say thank you for all in my school life... Today is time to remember great moments that we all spent together... :)

Tonight it's our party... I would like to see you there...

Many kisses and a hug

4:58 pm  

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