Monday, July 28, 2008


Finally, I'm on holidays.
I've never been so anxious and so tired as this year. Apparently, nothing has changed, however, everything is different.
The new rules at school, the workload because of so many workshops on evaluation, exams, reports that have to be written...endless!!! that's how I feel this school year has been.
My mind is tired, all I wish is to forget and rest.
I've promised myself that as soon as I'd finished writing my last reports I would simply forget my future worries. Yes, we're all worried about the next school year...that's how the board of education is making teachers feel.
Teachers are angry, not against the students, they are those we work for. Teachers are angry because the new burocracy is going to make us loose precious time, before devoted to make teaching better and to improve the quality of our relationships with the students.
I fear that much of it will be lost forever...
Nevertheless, I'm usually positive, and I still believe in my job...


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