Monday, March 24, 2008

From New York VII...

Another day in New York.
Today we will visit the United Nations. As soon as we got there what impressed most were the flags standing high, of all the nations in the world.
Then before entering, another security checkpoint. Once inside, we had a guided tour. We got a full explanation of how the United Nations work, the several councils, the committees and the Blue Helmets peaceful task missions.

Lunch time took the group to a very famous department store, The Macy's.
Once again time to go to another beautiful block in the New York City. It is indeed a city full of life, activity. It never goes to sleep.
Later in the afternoon, after some shopping, we returned to Times Square. This is probably one of the most interesting palces. No where else can we find so much colour and light.
This evening, dinner was at the Hard Rock Café.

Then, at the The Majestic, a theatre, we had the chance to go to the Phantom of The Opera.
Luckily, for me it was a revisited play, as I had seen it once in London. Neverthless, I loved it. The music. the cast of characters , the story ...what a magic night!!!
And another day went by , so quickly...


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