Friday, March 21, 2008


After a long and a somewhat agitated aproach and landing at Newark International Airport, we had to go through the Customs line and finally be Welcomed to The United States of America.
It was about four , when Rose Jackson, our tour guide, met us at the end of the arrival lounge. She was a nice and cheerful lady and as soon as the introductions were made we headed towards the hotel, The Fairfield Inn and Suites.
We liked the place, nice, clean and well equipped. Traditional chocolate cookies and fresh apples at the reception desk were a luxury.
The usual confusion to settle such a large group, (yes, that's right we were fifty two), and then at half past six, dinner had arrived.
Pizza and coke had been brought to the hotel , by Jacqueline, a Brazilian that helped us feel a little closer to Portugal, someone who spoke our native language.
Then, the swimming-pool and the jacuzi offered a relaxing time to some people.
Going to bed was our next step as all of us were very tired, we also felt the effects of jet lag and the following day we had to leave at eight in the morning.


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