Friday, March 21, 2008

From New York I...

7 am breakfast at the hotel.
8 am depart for the Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. Our visit to New York city was about to start. The coach took us to an old ferry line and train station , that used to be the entry way to all the immigrants arriving in the United States and then spreading, searching for their dream
Then security checks. A policewoman, made a dramatic apearance at the door. For a moment I thought I was a character in one of the many american movies that depict life in prison. The woman was literally shouting orders to tourists in her strong, masculine and though voice. It was ok. We all survived.
Then the ferry came and our first stop was on Ellis Island. It is a beautiful building, which now houses the Museum of Immigration.
We left he ferry and headed to the Museum, so that we might learn how immigrants who came from all over the world were seen by the american authorities.
Then, again queueing to get another ferry to visit the Statue of Liberty, in the next island. These were difficult moments, the cold and the strong wind made us freeze to death.
A short voyage in the Hudson River, offered us a beautiful scenario of New York skyline.
Finally, there it was the Statue of Liberty, standing tall in the middle of the island. It is the symbol of freedom and hope.
Time to see the Statue , lots os photos taken, some strange positions of the most professional photographers to have the best shot, but still the wind was beating our bodies and faces. However, here were no regrets or sad faces. All were happy...
But, we must stop for lunch and the local cafeteria was the best and only place available. Our first americam lunch.
Later, already on the New york city soil , we walked through a beautiful park, we admired the financial area and visited the Museum of the Americam Indian.
The day will be long.
Next stop , South Street Seaport, a picturesque place, with many shops and restaurants.
Then, we drove to the Madison Square Garden to see an NBA Game - NY Knicks vs Menphis Grezzlies.
The place is huge ,magnificent and the atmosphere inside was fantastic, even if the NY Knicks lost.
It was a long day, but the emotions felt and the experiences had been greater than tiredness.


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Hi teacher!
Good Hollidays. For the photos New York seems to be wonderfull...

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