Sunday, March 23, 2008

From New York V...

A new day began. Everybody tried to have a large breakfast to give them energy to face the rush in New York City.We left at 9 0'clok and the first stop is the well-known Empire State Building.
We went to the top, all the way up till the 86th floor.
In spite of the wind and cold the sun was shining again.
What a view!!
The city's skyline...all he skyscrappers, the high buildings were at sight, and we could see the real dimension of this unique city in the world.
Later, down on earth again, we went to the mythical 5th Avenue.
It was Easter and because of that the 5th Avenue was closed to traffic to the Easter Parade. People got dressed in funny and fancy costumes, the ladies wore amazing, colourful hats. That's a unique tradition.
Along the most famous avenue in New York, we saw all the expensive , luxurious boutiques that made us dream of being millionaires.
Later on , we moved to another famous block in New York, Times Square.
There the neons gave buildings and streets a very special look and atmosphere. Time to go shopping.
Dinner at Planet Hollywood, right in the centre of Times Square.
And another day ended....


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