Saturday, March 22, 2008

From New York III...

Next day, breakfast was a little later, however, by 9 o’clock the bus was full with a sleepy crowd.
The Metropolitan Museum was our first stop for the day. The museum is located in a magnificent building and it houses the richest collection of art in New York. There the visitor can wander around endless rooms full of some amazing masterpieces. The time spent there was only enough to see a little of what it has to offer. A careful selection is necessary in order not to get lost . Then , outside the sun was shining and it was time to have lunch. We went to Central Park and had lunch at The Time Warner Center, a beautiful shopping, right next to the main entrance of the most famous park In New York. Outside, we can see a lively but peaceful area. In the Middle of the Square there is a Statue in honour of Christopher Columbus, the navigator that discovered America. After lunch, we walked in Central Park. It is a long, beautiful park, the lungs of New Yorkers. Even if the dominant colour was brown, we can see that when Spring lends it colours, it must be a spectacular place to go to. Squirrels are abundant and if not disturbed they are an interesting sight to both children and adults.
Again lots of photos were taken to remember the places and the people.
Chinatown was our next destination. In a way it was a disappointment to almost everybody. I myself was expecting a greater dominance of the Chinese culture and architecture. Instead, we saw very busy and crowded streets where almost anything is bought and sold. Sometimes, the confusion discouraged the group to go around. Finally dinner at a Chinese restaurant. There were mixed feelings, some like the food and the taste, however, others didn’t appreciate it. Pizza at the hotel was going to restore strengths and calm hungry stomachs.


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