Friday, April 27, 2007

One year after...

Today, this blog celebrates one year...
It's a project that started as a mere curiosity to deal with this new tool available, the blogger world.
Gradually, became a place of meeting...
It was designed to encourage my students to communicate in English, to express themselves, outside the classroom context...
Funny-Learning is promoting discussion, encouraging friendship and educating in a funny and friendly style.
Funny-Learning will continue it's "work", expressing opinions and offering everyone something entertaining, in English, of course.


Anonymous Genoveva Carvalho 11ºD said...

I think that I can say happy birthday to this funny blog!
Congratulations, teacher this blog is a way to encourage us, your students to write in English and more and more improve this very useful language, English, of course…
You mustn’t give up of this very good project!

10:46 pm  
Blogger Sofia said...


In my opinion "Funny Learning" is a really interesting blog!!! I've never seen a blog like that... It's a really good way to encourage students to write English... :)

I haven't more words to describe "Funny Learning"...



1:05 am  
Blogger Patrícia said...

Happy birthday "Funny Learning"!
Congratulations to you teacher, for this wonderful blog that I love to visit everytime ;) I'm sure that this project could encourage us to write in english, of course! So, it was a success and it will be always!
Try not to stop it!! This is our space... Here will stay our comments, some memories about these two years of funny learning... It will be fantastic to remember... :)

1:42 pm  
Anonymous Carla 11.ºD said...

Congratulations Teacher! This blog is really a very interesting poject because encourage the students to write and learn english, improves our knowledge and to broden the horizons.

Happy birthay "Funny Learning"!

2:13 pm  
Anonymous Cátia 11ºD said...

I know that I’m late but… congratulations! Like you said, this blog, besides to be a form of we contact with new technologies, it’s a form of we present our opinions and ideas and at the same time we can practise our English, communicate with other people and, who know, make same friendships, maybe… Happy birthday!!!

3:17 pm  

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